How to Train a Beagle : Teach Your Beagle to Recognize His Name With These Dog Obedience Training Tips

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn how to train your beagle to respond to her name in this free online dog obedience training video for teaching good animal behavior.

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. xxbiancapiuxx
    | Reply

    i love beagles!! i have a beagle pup name milo!

  2. auz09ecu
    | Reply

    what kind of treat are you giving the dog?
    or do you recommend a certain type of treat to train a beagle with?

  3. iluvbeaglesdotcom
    | Reply

    Nice Vid! Good job! Did you know there is a new membership site, for Beagle owners and lovers only? Check my Youtube channel for the link.

  4. zuziaa16
    | Reply

    cool dog!:) Please have a look at my videos:)

  5. kary220292
    | Reply

    im not speak english i speak spanish im from mexico 🙁 subtitles plis!!! :´(

  6. andrei89
    | Reply

    solo dice que la comida o dulces que le vayas a dar, hay que usarlos como recompensa y no como sobornos, tambien que hay que decir su nombre y hacer contacto visual, y cada vez que digas su nombre y te voltee a ver, dale un dulce y dile una palabra para eliogiarlo como “bieeen”

  7. kary220292
    | Reply

    oooooh jeje gracias!!!


    ke ignorante me vi verdad jajaja

    naah muxhas gracias XD

  8. SonohraFan95
    | Reply

    is fantastic…adorable!!!!

  9. extacyboost
    | Reply


  10. casims2000
    | Reply

    I have a Beagle/Pit mix. She’s very beautiful and very intelligent.

  11. mickeyqbitsko
    | Reply

    What about Mongolian subtitles? Or Finnish subtitles?

    Who cares if you’re from Mexico.

  12. 3gyptianFlo
    | Reply

    not a dispenser lmao

  13. hakka91
    | Reply

    well… I never trained a dog, but I think that my beagle is very loyal……….. when I have food T_T

    God damn it! This dog is to clever!

  14. rydzoll
    | Reply

    to się naucz angielskiego meksykańcu buahahah

  15. insightsua
    | Reply

    i have a beagle, i love him, i want to teach him where i want him to pee, how can i do it?

  16. dooggyloover
    | Reply

    @insightsua How i trained my 20 lb Manchester terrier when she was only 6 months old to pee outside was when i could tell she had to go, i would say “gotta go pee?” then take her out to go. now she is 9 months and goes to the door when i say “gotta go pee”. be pacient and very rewarding when she does what he is supposed to do. 🙂

  17. insightsua
    | Reply

    @dooggyloover thank you so much!

  18. tatsandteles
    | Reply

    Nice. The trick with beagles is to keep them busy. They need to be walked, ALOT!! My Beagle is not so food motivated… YET!! Our older beagle, Norman, was all about food. Our current beagle, Ethel, was papered and both her parents hunt. She LOVES to track/hunt rabbits. Great breed, very gentle with people and other dogs.

  19. Flyingmunkey55
    | Reply

    hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me. my beagle is a wonderful dog, we take him for 2 walks a day, but sometimes he gets a ‘mad moment’ and he bites, and runs around like he is completely wild, i think the problem is socialisation, which we are currently trying to fix, if anyone has any other ideas for why this is happening please tell me

  20. weatherboi
    | Reply

    She needs to clear her throat.

  21. stephboo92
    | Reply

    @casims2000 that is an interesting mix. I have never seen one. lol. i imagine its very intelligent because both beeds are really smart.

  22. Brittanysboy12
    | Reply

    what if my beagle happends to be very defient with the shear call of his name of all things

  23. appletickle
    | Reply


  24. SpeedDemon2468
    | Reply

    im getting an 11 month old beagle from a rescue centre soon. I have heard lots of bad things about how beagles love to dig under fences and they are really hard to train.

    Is the hard training thing true, because my family are 1st time dog owners and it’ll be quite annoying if it wont do a thing we say due to our inexperience

  25. TheAnt2244
    | Reply

    I wish I didn’t give my beagle away. But you can thank my Ex girlfriend for being a liar.

  26. Jennifer
    | Reply

    This video was very helpful to me because i’m buying one soon.

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