How to Train a Beagle : Teach Your Beagle to Come When You Call With These Dog Obedience Training Tips

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn how to train your beagle to come when called in this free online dog obedience training video for pet owners.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

    | Reply

    Thank you, youtube loser. I appriciate how you come online specifiacally to say “You’re an idiot” to someone you do not know nor should you care about anyones comment at all. Get a life.

  2. ralphlauren21
    | Reply

    Her methods are good but, the dogs should come on command and not depend on the food lure all the time. I agree with rewards and stuff but, the dog should have come right up to her and when she says one command it should be able to do just that. I guess what im saying is to be more firm.

  3. brodey19
    | Reply

    i hope thats a toy hedg hog

  4. iluvbeaglesdotcom
    | Reply

    Nice Vid! Good job! Did you know there is a new membership site, for Beagle owners and lovers only? Check my Youtube channel for the link.

  5. HolyWoWProject
    | Reply

    lol i dont wanna teach him to cum

  6. insaneclownhoty
    | Reply

    i don`t want to teach him to(cum) that would be nasty lol

  7. ryanhall280394
    | Reply

    OMG!! dus she not realise wot shes tlking about lol

    im gonna teach my beagle to cum!

  8. Caughtupindreams
    | Reply

    That is exactly what she is trying to teach him. Once she is finished with him, he’ll do what you mentioned without the treats.

  9. phillipbell7
    | Reply

    HAHAHAHA. thats exactly what I thought! hahaha

  10. Inquirit
    | Reply

    do you have a beagle school?

  11. Kyokyono
    | Reply

    My Beagle listens brilliantly at home without fail… it’s when he’s outside that’s the problem <_< Gonna have to break out the treats again for outdoor-specific training

  12. D1rec7or
    | Reply

    my beagle is hard to train, she just wants to shag things even tho she has no penis…

  13. arteclasico1
    | Reply


  14. kotarotacon
    | Reply

    I cant make my beagle stop barking even if I scare him, he´s kinda old now (3 years) and when I go out with him he just want to run, what should I do?

  15. icefreezer7
    | Reply

    my dog has the same hedgehog toy!
    but even when i call out his name he is still intent on the toy and doesnt respond plz help

  16. ccfirst
    | Reply

    “now we’re gonna tell ya beagle when to cum”.. lol

  17. dooggyloover
    | Reply

    my 15 lb Norfolk terrier was 4 months when i started training and new all his tricks by the time he was 7 months and began obedience trials. he is now 5 yrs and a 12 time winner in the 16 times he has been in his trials. he is a very smart Norfolk, so anyone who wants or has a Norfolk, they r very smart!!

  18. Tarasepp
    | Reply

    @D1rec7or Oh man that made me chuckle.

  19. laxkid54
    | Reply

    thats what she said x100

  20. MassacreMagix
    | Reply

    now were gonna train to learn how to cum.

  21. lucy11nyc
    | Reply

    how many times can she say come without it sounding rude

  22. Hatrix89
    | Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful beagle training video! Your beagle is simply awesome!! No doubt you’re a great trainer…
    I live with my beagle since he was 6 months old and his name is Biscuit.
    Never give up and stay positive can certainly make your training efforts worth-while and fruitful. =)

  23. nerdtastic247
    | Reply

    Thank you for the tips! My Beagle knows how to come….but only with a treat. Of course! I think i just need to be a little more consistent with him and i should be able to do it with or without treats. I hope my Beagle will be more obedient like your dog for example. But what should i do if this does not work? Because i cannot afford training classes.

  24. appletickle
    | Reply


  25. SpeedDemon2468
    | Reply

    My name is Bailey 😀
    O I flagged this for inappropriate content btw xDDDD

    too much cum

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