How To Train 5 Tricks in 5 Minutes!

How to train your dog cool tricks like weaving through your legs, walking on their hind legs, rollover, shake/high 5 and more! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

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How to teach your dog to enjoy wearing a muzzle:

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

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30 Responses

  1. undisputedboyka12
    | Reply

    How do you verbalize commands so she knows when to do a trick on command?

  2. Smellborp In a can
    | Reply

    What type of dog is she? She’s beautiful!😍😘😍❤️❤️

    | Reply

    I will try to teach these tricks to my stubborn boerboel

  4. I love Thomas Sangster THOMAS
    | Reply

    Can you show us how to teach our dogs to play dead

  5. Chihuahua RainbowPlayz
    | Reply

    Why are rescued dogs the prettiest dog? JK all dogs are beautiful❤️

  6. Chihuahua RainbowPlayz
    | Reply

    Im getting an australian shepherd in 3 weeks😝

  7. eng how cheo
    | Reply

    Thks for the video. I dont own a dog but i do love them! May i know what breed is tis?

  8. Rasula Dias
    | Reply

    What is Roux's breed?

  9. plane studios
    | Reply

    i just got a dog

  10. cristian teran
    | Reply

    Do a video with a schnauzer!!

  11. Mystic Gem the Wolf
    | Reply

    Very informative! I love your channel!

  12. Ahmad alhmood
    | Reply

    Can you make a video about the safest way to teach personnel protection

  13. Everything Rachel
    | Reply

    This is from your book: "My dog just ate her own feces. Is there something wrong with her?" Can you please help?

  14. Everything Rachel
    | Reply

    I got your book! 1 year ago actually . Your book is awesome i recomend it to everyone!

  15. Emory Steele
    | Reply

    So my dog (about 7 months old) usually sleeps with me in the bed at night. But I want him to lay in his own bed. When I buy him a new bed, he just uses it as a toy or humps it!!! Any way you can help me with this?

  16. ღDinaღ
    | Reply

    I can’t do these tricks my dog has a cone but when we take it off I will do these tricks

  17. Karina's DIY
    | Reply

    Any tricks I can teach to my 10 weeks schnauzer miniature? Or should I wait until she gets a little big?

  18. Julz Rose
    | Reply

    Can you buy a one off bark box as a sample try out? Just asking. Thanks

  19. Hannah Spencer
    | Reply

    I have already taught my sixteen week old puppy sit, down, shake, paw(other paw), high five, no biting, no jumping, house(stay at the house), go in your kennel, wait for food, stay out of the garden and more! I am working on teaching her crawl, spin, stay, look at me, touch(touch my hand) and fetch. 🙂

  20. Arty Party
    | Reply

    😮 my dog only knows how to sit, catch food i throw without it touching the ground, and stand on his back feet for about 6 seconds. he still bites but he doesn't know.

  21. vid master great
    | Reply

    King nut dead bro

  22. Nicole Sch.
    | Reply

    What is the treat you give to the dogs?

  23. Vicky Liu
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is Roux? I might get a dog so i was just wondering if any of you knew what type of dog she is!

  24. back_to_the_roots
    | Reply

    Please make sure toys are earth friendly🙏🌍 can we see "calm down" trick and a balanced dog? "Also manners playing tug" trick.

  25. inthelife ofmolly theservicedog
    | Reply

    I have a service dog and I have videos on YouTube I will love for u to 2atch them

  26. rockpunkster
    | Reply

    I have a 10 month Pom and she has been doing great with training! One thing is that she doesn’t want to lie on her back for roll over. Any tips? I have tried practicing on softer surfaces- a mat and the bed!

  27. روابط العاب و مسلسلات هنا
    | Reply

    tابداعت الي اتحبة بداعت موتاك انشالله الك ميت حسنة بس وصلوني ١٠٠ مشترك فدوى بداعت الي اتحبو فدوى فدوى.I was born to be loved, I called Mottak Anshalah, I was dead, but I received 100 participants, Fadwa, I went to the Atabbo Fadwa Fadwa.

  28. Joyce Chow
    | Reply

    Hello…I would like to seek help on how to train a 1year old dog! TT we just adopted him for 4 months…and find it really hard to train him…So far he only knows how to sit down and lie down…and sometimes even confused the instructions… Send help/ advice please??

  29. frieda smith
    | Reply

    is that a labrador retriever with blue eyes????!?!

  30. Hater
    | Reply

    I am getting a new puppy and I need some help.I was thinking about getting a husky and I read that they are a stubborn breed and they can be hard to train.So,husky owners,are they really that hard to train? Because thats an only problem with this breed.I decided to get a husky because they are really playful and love to be around people and kids.

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