HOW TO: Teach your rabbit tricks {{up, turn, weave & walk}}

Please watch in HD? Thankz for watching guyz! ­čÖé So in this video i just explained how to teach your rabbit how to . stand . spin . walk & weave through legs…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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40 Responses

  1. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Thats great! Good luck with the´╗┐ training!
    Yep! They will if their in the mood! All of them except weave. ­čÖé

  2. xImjoo
    | Reply

    Didn’t take long for my two 3 month old rabbits to learn “up”. I’m going to follow your video and the next trick to be learnt is turn ­čÖé Will´╗┐ your rabbits do the trick without food in your hand? (just on command)

  3. Georgia Cranmer
    | Reply

    I’ve been teaching my rabbit the “up” trick, she is a quite timid rabbit who only truely trusts my or my dads presence around her because she see’s us every day. She is getting the hang of this trick now & i hope to start teaching her how to walk and turn. She is still quite timid but i’m sure she will´╗┐ warm up to training.
    Oh and your rabbits are gorgeous and seem very smart to.

  4. Anabelprincess011
    | Reply

    Thank´╗┐ you

  5. toxictina135
    | Reply

    Even though my bunny is boxed trained, but still tends to´╗┐ poop all the time outside its box not doesn’t pee outside of it!

  6. fluffybunneeful
    | Reply

    This is sooo cool! I can’t wait to teach´╗┐ them to my rabbit!

  7. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Its better to feed them fresh veg during training anyway as part of their diet. They should be able to pick up the tricks using veg just the same. Just remember not to feed iceburg lettuce.

    In what way can´╗┐ you tell your bunny is sad? Bunnies normally get bored when they live on their own all day. Even when there is a variety of toys out for them they can still get bored. If your bunny hasn’t already got a friend to share its home with then that could make your bunny really happy. (;

  8. Behsa Etehadi
    | Reply

    my bunny is always sad do you have any idea why? i dont feed them that treat that you do i give them lettuce or carrots do you know how to train them´╗┐ by those food.

  9. cinnamonmewmewlover
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video´╗┐ too, my bunn is super smart and learned them all!

  10. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Cute alert! (=´╗┐

  11. cinnamonmewmewlover
    | Reply

    OMG i love your black/gray/white bunny!~ My bunny´╗┐ is all black with tiny white hairs all over. ­čÖé

  12. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Good luck´╗┐ with training!(;

  13. ShadowDragon2004
    | Reply

    Cute i will try with my 4 month olds if they don’t i will try when they are 1´╗┐ 2 or3

  14. Catty Person
    | Reply

    Lol, good idea. He’s pretty smart´╗┐ for a rabbit. XD And way too overconfident.

  15. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Aw, Penelope used to do that. Luckily a few weeks after she was spayed she stopped. Your rabbit shouldn’t tend to do it if its neautured? But if it still intends to then i guess you will just have to keep blocking up where ever its digging and keep and eye on him while he’s´╗┐ playing. You could also fill your garden with a variety of toys for him, to try and tempt him to play with them instead, if he’s the playful sort of rabbit. But yeah thats some of the different ways(;

  16. Catty Person
    | Reply

    Well we currently have a male rabbit and he´╗┐ insists on digging a hole in the fence whenever we let him out…-_- Any ideas?

  17. Taylor Nissen
    | Reply

    your welcome´╗┐

  18. CurlyQ Cantwell
    | Reply

    Thanks! That helps a bunch! :)´╗┐

  19. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Yes he did used to´╗┐ fo that when he wad younger. Now he is neatured and has never done it since! I definitly recommend neaturing your rabbit to prevent him injuring hiself or catching any illnesses x

  20. CurlyQ Cantwell
    | Reply

    I know this is a weird question but,did you get Timmy neutered?Because when I´╗┐ try to play with my rabbit or something,he always trys to hump me?And if I do get him neutered,do you think it would help any?

  21. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Aww! Thats awesumee! Timmy can do to but only when he wants´╗┐ to co-operate lol x

  22. BunniesandHamsters99
    | Reply

    My bunny can´╗┐ stand with me just saying without a treat(:

  23. Maia Almeida
    | Reply

    Cool´╗┐ video I subbed mind doing it back!

  24. georgepetlover
    | Reply

    This´╗┐ is very informational.

  25. Sandra Teager
    | Reply

    Welcome!´╗┐ =D

  26. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    This is normal for un neatured males. Mainly their proberly doing it because they want a m8. Its best if the rabbit is neatured to stop it from injuring itself in anyway. Once they’re neatured they’ll´╗┐ become a lot more relaxed and the thought of doing wont even cross their minds. lol happy bunny sitting ­čśë x

  27. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Thank you so much <3 Time´╗┐ and effort pays off ;D

  28. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    thank youu´╗┐ :))

  29. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    heh yup, thankz <3 x´╗┐

  30. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Thankz :)´╗┐

  31. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Its´╗┐ a mobile android editor thing that i downloaded of my phone, its called PicsArt , not sure wether you can acsess it through computer etc. x

  32. RabbitCare4Eva
    | Reply

    Aww glad´╗┐ the video helps ­čÖé x

  33. DaxonizAmazin
    | Reply

    Ok I am being 100% serious. Does Timmy ever hump stuffed animals or pillows? I am pet sitting this male rabbit and we´╗┐ thought it was a female but I checked and found out it was a boy. I stuffed a bunch of stuffed animals around my bed so he couldn’t get under it since there is wires and when I let him back out he went up to one and humped it.. a lot hahaha I don’t know if this is normal or not. The bunny hasn’t been neutered also

  34. SnowdropHedgie
    | Reply

    Your´╗┐ buns are adorable. Great job with the training. ­čÖé

  35. Taylor Nissen
    | Reply

    Good job Timmy´╗┐

  36. Ida Kristiansen
    | Reply

    Omg, so cute :33´╗┐

  37. xHamsterLover2000x
    | Reply

    Great video!
    Gonna teach these to the buns!
    I requested up and turn :p

  38. Sandra Teager
    | Reply

    Great share!
    I really enjoyed that! ´╗┐ =)

  39. BinkyBunnyTerritory
    | Reply

    what’s Ur picture editor. for the´╗┐ pics of Timmy

  40. BinkyingBunnies4ever .
    | Reply

    hehe great video I love Timmys walk I’m just about to go try´╗┐ this with Bella!! x

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