How To Teach Your Rabbit Tricks!

Read!! How to teach your rabbit tricks. In this video, I show you how to teach your rabbit to stand “up” and to “spin”, but you can also use these tips to te…

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14 Responses

  1. hamsterloverforever1
    | Reply

    awwwwwwwwwww soo cute! aha I love training my buns tricks! clover knows a
    ton! spin, up, up and walk, agility, fetch, weave, come, hop up on me, and
    sit, we are now working on tunnel and some other ones hehe but I think her
    fav. is agility hehe
    Penelope knows simple commands but shes pretty hyper and doenst have a
    long attention span and would rather run around and binky aha and honey
    only knows sit, up, up and walk, and that’s it hehe. clover also is WAY
    more food motivated!

  2. MyPetParadise
    | Reply

    Aww, Sprinkles is soo cute! Really good at the spin trick, too! What’s the
    music you used at the end? I like it:)

  3. Sero Guy
    | Reply

    First comment first view and first like!! :)

  4. Hazel1157
    | Reply

    awww Sprinkles is sooooo cute omg! in the beginning he was just like “food.
    yes. must get the food. Aleia what are you doing give me the food,” xD I
    forgot, how old is he? he’s really gorgeous!

  5. eXtremeColors488
    | Reply

    Very informative, Aleia! These tricks are so clever and intelligent! Aww!
    Hi Sprinkles! Lovely tutorial! 😀 <3
    x Leah ~

  6. Ash Fox
    | Reply

    Oh my gosh! That makes me wish I had a rabbit now! You take such good care
    of your pets. Ur awesome girl!!!

  7. Itzel Babee
    | Reply

    hey bff! you know how u can add channels on your page but u put ur other
    channels! well i put u on myn and said- Everyone follow my bff on yt!
    Aleiaanimallover368! also i miss talking to you so if u have any txting
    apps plz tell me so i can txt u thx! xoxo

  8. Allie Methvin
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness! Sprinkles is so cute! I loved how excited he was around
    those treats! Charlie (my bunny) has learned up and he is getting used to
    spin! Every time I get treats he stands up because he thinks he has to
    stand in order to get treats! Good job Aleia!!

  9. TheAnimallover654
    | Reply

    Aww he’s so cute!!

  10. colorsfor hamsters
    | Reply

    Awe sprinkles is adorable!! You seem like an awesome rabbit owner ;)

  11. Natasa milosevic
    | Reply

    Thank you this really helped! What treats could you use?

  12. poedie doedie
    | Reply

    I always played football with my rabbits :)

  13. RunLikeSheeka
    | Reply

    Hahaha love the end where you’re talking and the budgie is screeching in
    the background. Mine does that too at the most inconvenient times. I’ll
    have having an arguement with a family member and he will screech and
    scream over the top of us hahaha

  14. Aleiaanimallover368
    | Reply

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