How to Teach Your Puppy to ACTUALLY Listen to You When it Counts! (Real Life “Leave It” Explained!)

How to train your dog to ACTUALLY listen to you! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

Teaching your dog to leave something alone in a training exercise is necessary at first. However, this doesn’t automatically translate into a dog that listens in lots of contexts. In this episode, I’ll show you what to do to have a dog that listens reliably!

How to train the “Leave it/Look at me Combo” :

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

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16 Responses

  1. Michele Marvell
    | Reply

    How about breaking your puppy if grabbing things they’re not supposed to have and running with it? We try to keep things out of touch, but sometimes things just happen.

  2. George Mink
    | Reply

    0:18 NIghtmare fuel…

  3. samira maxine
    | Reply

    I cannot seem to train my new puppy. she’s terrible. I need help.

  4. DownShot
    | Reply

    Which breed is this???

  5. Tanya Van Der Merwe
    | Reply

    I love your vids. My dog can do so many things now thanks to you. I like to brag about him lol. How do i teach him to play softly with our cats?

  6. Izzi Parrott
    | Reply


  7. Vidya Sinha
    | Reply

    What a cute little, I mean big poodle!

  8. Hannah Spencer
    | Reply

    How come I never saw this video before?

  9. River Run
    | Reply

    dammit she is so cute

  10. Guinevere Johnson
    | Reply

    that video was ozone. I'm a kid and my puppy is very entrusted.☺️☺️☺️🤗

  11. patrick helm
    | Reply

    Zak, It has been 2months and I still cannot get my lab to focus on me.

  12. Karen Acevedo
    | Reply

    Love your videos but this one caught me a little by surprise…Izzie is ONLY 4 1/2 mos?!?! My standard poodle, Indigo, is 4 mos and 1 week and weighs 25 lbs (yesterday)…she is not this big…am I looking for a big growth spurt this month? Our 4 1/2 yo standard, Mattie, is 45 lbs…she was a rescue so I don’t know how she grew…thanks for your insight…

  13. Ian Steele
    | Reply

    This is so good I might get your book

  14. pete malelis
    | Reply

    What's up with the creepy stare at the toy dog and grinning "what?" At 7:39 mins. Please notify the authorities about this guy

  15. Denyse Wang 王思云
    | Reply

    Thanks see ya love mummy

  16. Shauna Goodridge
    | Reply

    The distractions of ground scents are real! Every time I walk my dog she spends at least 10 minutes out of the 45-60 sniffing and marking. I want her to enjoy the walks and adventure of new places, but I don't want to stop every three feet! Is there a way to balance the acclamation and her attention to me?

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