How to: Teach your horse to “smile”

I had a hair from Rain on my lip at the end of the video lolol

Rain had her nose band and tie down on from the ride, I was lazy and didn’t feel like switching to a halter.

INSTAGRAM ~ @Jadeandtoby

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Boldisar Oszar says:

    Are horses the new dogs?

  2. Tricia Todd says:

    RIP Rain :(

  3. Makayla Venable says:

    how many things can u teach a hores

  4. Ally Singer says:

    What else is possible to teach a horse?

  5. JessheartLucy says:

    Rain! so nice to see her beautiful face again! R I P.

  6. Leah Roche Brennan says:

    what kinda treat do ya use?

  7. Ashleigh Houser says:

    at 4:05 the brown horse in the background is rolling on the ground

  8. occfilms says:

    You did an amazing thing by donating your hair to locks for love for cancer patients. Thanks for being such a caring and loving person!!! You rock!!! I love the way you train your horses as well!  <3

  9. Miah Cooke says:

    I did lock of love too! This video is so cute!

  10. nyjaquan reddick says:

    She is pretty

  11. gamer maker says:

    my horse is so fun to play with

  12. Alex Is Weird says:

    I was wondering what do you give your horses as a treat?

  13. Melanie Harper says:

    You're so spunky!

  14. _rainbow_unicorn says:

    prettiest horse! and i love your hair!!

  15. Bada3618 says:


  16. SuperAkami says:

    Oh my god your horse is so beautiful! <3!

  17. Kenzee Roush says:

    This is cool I might try that

  18. Jason Richards says:

    Why did you cut your hair like that?

  19. sharpdodger says:

    4:06 pony in the back was like my gaaaaaawd this grass feels greaaaaat

  20. Josee Ryan says:

    You remind me of me and my horse Ranie…..yep Rain…Ranie.  That they wouldn't do for a cookie

  21. konzie Cochran says:

    Good that u donated it my sister did

  22. konzie Cochran says:

    Hate uer hair ugly

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