How to Teach Your Horse to Ride TACKLESS

In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to ride your horse Bridleless/Tackless. The two horses/ponies featured are Oreo (11 yr old paint pony 13.2 hands) and Bailador (8 year old draft cross 17.2 hands). I do not own Bailador anymore these clips were from the summer!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. michelle wambui says:

    You are doing it bad well not bad but not good first when you are able to let your horse to jump. Then when it jumps over you have to post your body closer. .? vgvfhggh button vggbhh

  2. priscilla prange says:

    At 5:23 what is that tripod thing in the background?

  3. Amelia's Menagerie says:

    This is so helpful! Thanks! I am trying to advance my bareback skills, and my mom freaked cuz I fell off after cantering bareback no hands. It was once I had started to trot, and I had tried to dismount and failed. Oops. Well, now she is freaking out about me doing bareback, and she just doesn't realize falling is a part of horseback. I hope to ride tackless on a 27 year old pony at some point, and this will help her to know that bareback and tackless do not mean unable to steer or stay on :P Thanks again!

  4. I fell off ?

  5. equine eclipse says:

    I own speedy sporting and jumping horses and always had trouble slowing them down. After finding your channel I taught both my horses to ride tackles and not only has our trust improved but they have been more responsive in the saddle. Thanks a lot:)

  6. Camille Manche says:

    My horse always begins to go faster and faster

  7. Raining Eventer says:

    he's gorgeous

  8. Raining Eventer says:

    how come you sold Bailador?

  9. Kaylee Tyner says:

    I found this video so helpful! I am teaching my horse, Scout, to ride tackless and he's doing great with what you put in this video… I noticed that someone asked what to do if you don't have a neck rope. I use bailing twine… I just knot it at the ends. Thanks for the video!!

  10. Shadow&Yuria (Yuri's Zoo) says:

    thank you for another bridless Video :-) Best way to ride your horse. That is friendship

  11. Niagara Ridge Stables says:

    Oh you can?

  12. Libby Clark says:

    @oreoliberty what kind of whip do u use ?

  13. Niagara Ridge Stables says:

    my horse only has a bit and not a neck rope what do I do?

  14. Winnitos_world says:

    hey, I've seen your video's, and your ''how to teach'' video's and I really wanted to try it with my care pony. Only the 2 problems are that I don't go every day and that if I try she loses here attention and starts to eat. We don't have an arena or something where she can't eat or somthing

  15. Thanks for this video:-)

  16. Palomino Paint says:

    Hey I love riding bareback but when u canter he tucks his head between his legs and jumps forward trying to get me off have you got any ways to solve this as I really am struggling to stop it and I fell of over 5 times yesterday when he did I this thanks xx

  17. Olivia Borsje says:

    Wonderful videos :) I wonder if you could briefly share how you use your legs, especially when turning. As a classical dressage rider I've been thought to use my inside leg to bend the horse, "catching" the hips with my outside leg, but the turn itself seems to come more from my hips and hands. Lately I've gotten more interested in ground work and have thought my horse to move away from pressure (so to turn right, should I actually push away with my left leg?). I'm in a crisis! ;)

  18. purplephone4 says:

    @oreoliberty could you explain what you use each voice cue for?

  19. Two flying horses says:

    im going to give your way of training ago :) Really love your goals and i think a horse listening will help heaps in a ring if for some reason the bridle brokes or your reins flip over. :P

  20. Jake Barrett says:

    @oreoliberty what boots are u wearing in this video

  21. Equine. Pumpkin says:

    I can get my pony to turn and stuff like that I just need to know how to stop

  22. Jacob Adams says:

    Would this work for Western too,because I have a English and Western horse.Well I know it works,but I but would this meathode work?

  23. Kara Youngbell says:

    My lease pony is an old riding school pony. He is really calm, and I mostly used voice and leg aids before working with the neckrope. I've worked with him in a neckrope twice now, and he is extremely good and he is so much happier and more willing to work when I barely touch the reins, but use the neckrope. He is ready to go tackless, but I am not sure if we are allowed to ride tackless at my barn. I have to ask for permission before I go completely tackless, which is unfortunate :/

  24. Eva Schipper says:

    Wow! You have such a good bond with all your horses! I am getting my first horse soon after riding for 5 years! I have only seen a few of your videos but subscribed so i can learn a lot more :)

  25. romy mcintosh says:

    I wish i could have a teacher like you to teach me about evrything

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