How to teach your horse to rear up!

This is a quick demo of how to train your horse to rear up on command, any questions I’ll answer and I’ll take video requests also.

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7 Responses

  1. barbridesima
    | Reply

    I finnally found and got a tack rein :)

  2. 12forhorses
    | Reply

    im currently working on teaching my horse to rear from the ground, im using
    a crop whip about 2 feet long with a halter and lead rope on my horse and
    tapping his chest with the whip, it takes some patience but works.

  3. Loretta lovesquaterhorses
    | Reply

    how do you teach them when your not on the horse

  4. 12forhorses
    | Reply

    well, im not sure what area you live in but I live in the western area of
    the U.S so theyre easier to find but even here theyre hard to find, I got
    mine at a small western tack shop in my hometown

  5. chasequinn90
    | Reply

    So ive never seen a tack rein before. Does it hurt them? How mant tacks are
    on there?

  6. 12forhorses
    | Reply

    and theres around 6 I think im not sure though and they don’t line the
    whole tack rein only the front on the horses chest where the skin is very

  7. 12forhorses
    | Reply

    No, tack reins don’t have actual “tacks” the things that are on a tack rein
    are not nearly as sharp as actual tacks but enough to get the horses
    attention since they are used for bridless riding. It doesn’t hurt horses
    at all and if you have a good horse like mine I use little to no pressure
    at all with the tack rein and only if I need to.

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