How to teach your horse to jump!!

This will teach you how to teach your horse to jump from scratch! Hope you enjoy it!!

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11 Responses

  1. GoCrazy1313
    | Reply

    unless its really´╗┐ small jumps ­čÖé

  2. GoCrazy1313
    | Reply

    dont jump with a western saddle because the weight of it´╗┐ when the horse lnds its too mutch wait usually and the horse has a higher chance of breaking its leg TIP

  3. GoCrazy1313
    | Reply

    i can see you were not´╗┐ on him did you work him like you were in a round pen but got him to jump over the jump?

  4. Arielle S.
    | Reply

    How big was the second´╗┐ vertical you set up for him?

  5. Chloe Adkins
    | Reply

    I ride western and bareback, and i want to jump. Though i have havent started teaching my horse this helps alot and now i think i want´╗┐ to train him using this method! thanks, this was great! ­čśë chloe

  6. Cassandra Lumgair
    | Reply

    Maybe edit the video so the shots´╗┐ are closer… just a suggestion

  7. thehorselover397
    | Reply

    Your not the´╗┐ only one! Lol

  8. thehorselover397
    | Reply

    @courtney´╗┐ polllard

  9. Ivy Campbell
    | Reply

    What if he/she goes around the jump how do you´╗┐ get them to not go around and to jump it by their selves??

  10. Courtney Pollard
    | Reply

    Wish I had standards and poles :/ I’m stuck using two buckets and a metal rod I found at a dump pile close´╗┐ to a rodeo arena.

  11. horsegurlsforlife19
    | Reply

    Can u´╗┐ do a video on how to get the perfect jumping position and be more confindent while riding/ jumping

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