How to Teach Your Horse to Hug | Easy Working Method

This a very easy method that has worked on both my horses. And I’m sure it will work on yours! Legend got the first few step within minutes! “DISCLAIMER” I’m very sorry that most of the video is blurry. I’m really irritated with it.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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17 Responses

  1. Tana Rain
    | Reply

    I'm going to try this for sure

  2. Galaxy Star
    | Reply

    i'm concerned for Legend's neck XDDD either way this video was rlly cute

  3. Heather Wright
    | Reply

    Omg this vid was so CUTE!! The horses look like they actually want to hug you, and it looks so cool in photos :p

  4. Katie Gilding
    | Reply

    I was reading the comment and looked up and was like well your horse lost all of its pigmentation 😂 (it was the grey horse )

  5. Katie Gilding
    | Reply

    I love your horse sooo much 😭 what breed is he?

  6. iwonabr
    | Reply

    Can you pls make a video about what horses like and what they don't like, where they like to be petted

  7. Reagan.-. Equestrian
    | Reply

    You make me smile 😀 thank you ❤💙💚💜💛

  8. Sehar Bhat
    | Reply

    i am so trying this on my horse today!! thank u so much, totally subscribing!

  9. Anna Banana
    | Reply

    a good command could be "I love you!"

  10. shawn Boyden
    | Reply

    do you have a Facebook

  11. shawn Boyden
    | Reply

    hey um I'm trying to get my horse to trust me do you have any advice for that

  12. A WhispOfSass
    | Reply

    So cute!!!! You and your horse are perfect for each other 💙

  13. Labrador Paradise
    | Reply

    Great video love it!

  14. Lauren Wingert
    | Reply

    thanks for uploading , it really helped me and my horse 🐎

  15. FrozenLibertyRider
    | Reply

    LOL, Know how you feel about horse being absolutely Abscessed with Food/Treats when I first got my horse get got untied from the post and started walking into all of the 8 stalls to eat all the hay and foodXDYour horses are so cute!

  16. K Equestrian
    | Reply


  17. Loreley Mello
    | Reply

    Cool video!! How old is your horse??💘

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