How to Teach Your Horse to do LIBERTY [The first steps of liberty training]

In this video I’ll be showing how to teach your horse to do liberty with my 3 year old miniature horse Nemo. This is the first day that I worked with him and started teaching liberty. Ill be…

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22 Responses

  1. Oreoliberty
    | Reply

    Add a message to your video

  2. HorseForeverFan
    | Reply

    Hi ! I don’t know if you could help but I did the whip desensitization and
    my horse seems to be ok and she did really good when I asked her to follow
    but she once reared when I asked her to move her hunches away and since
    then she will not stop rearing , and whenever I try to lunge her she tosses
    her head (if I try sending her away ) and then rears and I don’t know what
    to do … Help ? 

  3. Theresa Ruflin
    | Reply

    Wow! This is incredible +Oreoliberty!!! When I get a horse, I might train
    him/her to do some liberty. :)

  4. SunnyEquine
    | Reply

    hi! I met a woman at a tack shop and we got to talking about the show
    Cavalia and I’m pretty sure that was the one you were in or training for?
    We also talked about Liberty training and she recommended that I talk to
    Sylvia and she said that this woman had started liberty with you? I just
    wanted to know if this was the correct lady and if I should also contact
    her about training for liberty in my area? Thank you so much xx

  5. Issy Hughes
    | Reply

    I love this, especially as it is from the beginning☺️❤️

  6. ShadowProductions24
    | Reply

    wow!!! with my girl i use food and she chases me but after a little she
    loses interest and walks away… and i have catching problems so its gonna
    be hard to do this :)

  7. Macy Frank
    | Reply

    On IG not if haha Sorry!

  8. FourPainted Hooves
    | Reply

    i really really love your breeches. where did you get them? if you dont
    mind me asking 🙂 also ive watched alot of liberty starting videos and
    yours is by far the best(ive actually watched all your videos and youre
    definitely a role model now!!!) ill be using this to start my boyfriends
    horse on liberty!

  9. pratap singh
    | Reply

    Wow from all the vedios can learn something (y) ☺ ♡♡♡♡♡

  10. Macy Frank
    | Reply

    Hi! I have just begun to start liberty, and this video was very helpful.
    The only thing is, my horse will follow me with a halter and lead rope but
    as soon as I take it off he falls very far behind. I’m also trying to begin
    trotting him next to me but he isn’t one to do that. Do you have any
    suggestions? Please dm @*macyandleo* on If if you can, or Macy Frank on FB.
    Thanks again!

  11. Emma Fimrite
    | Reply

    Hi, my mare keeps pinning her ears when she’s following me. It’s on my
    instagram, @thisgreyarab. (the vid) Please help! Thanks!

  12. Inka Komonen
    | Reply

    Great video! Please do more tutorials

  13. Samantha Carter
    | Reply

    This is so helpful!!!! Thank you so much for uploading this<3

  14. jumping the clouds
    | Reply

    amazing video!!! really helpful i want to start doing liberty work and was
    looking into getting a miniature in the future. u really helped me learn
    the first few steps of liberty work. thx so much xoxox

  15. Mackenzie Featherstone
    | Reply

    i love your videos!! thank you soo much for posting :)

  16. Josephine Elvira
    | Reply

    I love all your how to’s! Gives a lot of inspiration! 😀
    Could you make a video of how to get a relaxed hore in trot? One of my
    horses tend to get really tense when we train the trot(both riding and on
    the ground) :)

  17. Moody Equines
    | Reply

    Could you please please please do How to teach your horse to neck rein or
    do tackless
    Please please please 

  18. Libby Langley
    | Reply

    I loved that i wish i could do that please post more it is so informational

  19. Maggie Logan
    | Reply

    Thank you for making this!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 

  20. Smiley Lachender
    | Reply

    You’re amazing *-*

  21. horsefilledworld
    | Reply

    What treats do you use?

  22. Twins That Ride 13
    | Reply

    I love you videos <3 can you check out our channel were just getting
    started and would love if you guys subscribed. 

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