How to teach Your horse to Bow to the Ground with Troiya

This way of bowing is a little more harder to do then the other video, but it is worth it and fun!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

18 Responses

  1. Janet A
    | Reply

    Your horse is so sweet!

  2. Libby Rybolt
    | Reply

    Hey Zion thank you so much for helping me my horse is doing really good and I just had one question, can horses have watermelon

  3. Sienna White
    | Reply

    When my horse shifts his weight backwards, he hops backwards. I was wondering if you had any tips that you could give me. Thanks.

  4. Libby Rybolt
    | Reply

    So he walks backwards when he is on four, but she picks up his leg he won't walk backwards. He is a calm horse and not nervous. Can you tell me if I need to explain it more I can if you like.😜

  5. Libby Rybolt
    | Reply

    what should she do? sorry cant spell lol

  6. Libby Rybolt
    | Reply

    my friends horse won't bend his leg when she asks him too, but picking up his hooves is fine. What should do.

  7. Libby Rybolt
    | Reply

    also i looked at your video 3 times to make shore i was doing it right and i was. Btw can you ride in the snow,because im teaching my horse barrels and i want to show her in the summer so i need to practice.

  8. Libby Rybolt
    | Reply

    when i ask my horse to back she hops back and i hold her leg still but she keeps doing it. What do i do

  9. Lilli Bryant
    | Reply

    This is super helpful, will try it on my horse tomorrow 🙂

  10. miley isaperson
    | Reply

  11. Lisente Equestrian
    | Reply

    This is probably the most helpful video on teaching a horse to bow! every other video doesn't exactly show you how to do it. thanks so much 🙂 I love how he was standing there holding his leg up himself waiting for you while you were talking hahaha 🙂

  12. Sydnponies
    | Reply

    Did he already know the trick before this video?

  13. Steph Toms
    | Reply

    You earned a Sub from me! 

  14. krishan Lal
    | Reply

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  15. DTCeventing
    | Reply

    This is really great my friend wants me to teach her young horse how to do this and this is a lot easier than what I learnt to do also when I officially get a horse (school horse and is being used till the end of them month) I want to teach him this sort of stuff and I think this is gonna help a lot better

  16. Frida Martine Iversen
    | Reply

    Just got over this video, and I liked to give you a comment. The rigth thing to when you use the four fases is: First fase 1, you gonna touch the horse fur then count to three, and if the horse not responders you go to fase 2, touching the horse skin and count to three. And so it goes to fase four. The reason to count to three is to give the horse a chance to find out what you want, not just push them away. when you take your hand on their chest the will wonder why and start thinking. Then you have count to three and go to fase 2. and maybe they have find out what you want and then try. If we just push them away in 3 sec using the four fases they can`t think about what your doing. We give them a warning.

    sorry for bad english, isn`t that good. 

  17. HorsePIP
    | Reply

    Please share your horses on HORSEPIP

  18. snoopy8121
    | Reply

    Great video, thanks for uploading it! :))

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