How to teach your horse to bow (no ropes)

I hope this helps you teach this fun trick to your four legged pal 🙂
I forgot to mention the get up cue in the video. Basically what you want to do is teach your horse to wait until a particular cue before getting up. I use a vocal “okayyy” and raise my hand. If your horse rushes out of the bow then ask for the bow again and encourage them to wait by giving pats or treats. Then lift your energy and give your cue for them to get up. Hope this makes sense 🙂

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10 Responses

  1. Ebonys Lizards
    | Reply

    That horse is so skinny omg that girl and i looks pain ful

  2. Annaihr1605
    | Reply

    How do you teach them to stay in the bow, I’ve got mine to the point where he goes to one knee when I lower him down but as soon as he touches the ground pops back up?

  3. Ana Hancock
    | Reply

    Is it bad for there back?

  4. Sally-marie Steen
    | Reply

    He's so thin..😕

  5. TheAssholeProphet
    | Reply

    I think I'll try this with the first method because food basically runs my horses mind, also I like the fact that you don't use the stick too much as an aid and also give your horse the time and patience with a trick rather than rushing or forcing like a lot of people will do.

  6. ShadeTreeStables
    | Reply

    You're so sweet! I taught mine to bow too! Here he is!

  7. Taylee Summer
    | Reply

    It took me less than 5 minutes to teach my horse how to bow.

  8. TheDoggo00
    | Reply

    My favorite horse at the barn I️ ride at is suuuuper piggish with treats

  9. Corie Vincent
    | Reply

    Hey Elli your technique really works for my horse Junior but I have a quick question when going down to the bow his fought hov touches his back hov how do I fix this?

  10. Bee Curry Snyder
    | Reply

    Why is he so skinny?

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