How to Teach Your Horse to Bow [NO ROPES]

This is a tutorial on how to teach your horse to bow without using the traditional “ropes” method. The horses Featured in this are Jake (13 year old 17.2 Percheron cross) Nemo (3 year old miniature horse).
Please give me feedback on the video in the comments!

If you try this with your horse I would love to see videos of how it goes!

I’d be happy to answer any questions!

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10 Responses

  1. Horse Luv
    | Reply

    I did this with my horse and it worked great! And my horse is 16.1hh and he got it super fast. Thank a bunch

  2. Emily frank
    | Reply

    my pony likes to make her leg straight and stiff and just refuses. But ill keep trying! : )

  3. wshuwrhre1
    | Reply

    Ur lucky ur horse is not evil like my mare, she would reach her head down and snatch my hair out ?

  4. Laiv Raven
    | Reply

    What i do is to hold a carrot between his front legs, and make him bow to to reach it :D

  5. Julie Clouser
    | Reply

    I tried this and my horse didn't get it at ALL 

  6. angiandme
    | Reply

    wow ur method is so amazingg!?

  7. Petlover500
    | Reply

    You and your horses are so amazing!!!

  8. Mackenzie Sulyak
    | Reply

    Do you think this would work on a 27-year-old stubborn mare?

  9. Perfect Ultimate Pie
    | Reply

    I saw your video a year ago. I can proudly say that my horse bows due to your method. Your method is easy and is so much better than other methods I have tried in the past. I use carrots as a reward. I preform a trick at the end of my riding. It's a fun way to end the day with my horse. ?

  10. Kaylynn Meyer
    | Reply

    How do you get them to put their head down to?

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