How To Teach Your Hamster Tricks And A Few Updates

this will show you how o teach yur hamster 2 tricks hope you enjoy.pls remember to comment rate and suscribe!!!thx:D.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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15 Responses

  1. Patrick Anderson
    | Reply

    my hamster looks exactly the same his name is Theodore!!!!

  2. chelsea iraheta
    | Reply

    keep up the good work

    | Reply


  4. Thecraftyhamsterguy
    | Reply

    good job hope my vids help u more!

  5. glamiefever
    | Reply

    it took my hamster a while but she can do circle now

  6. Kelly Ayling
    | Reply

    balaaaaaaaaa but cute hazmster

  7. TayakiLovers
    | Reply

    Hey TheCraftyHamsterGuy, hehehehehehh anyways this is your freind xxliveanimexx and now i have two channels, dont worry i will still go on my other acc but this is a crafty account so i will not be posting videos on xxliveanimexx so u can unsuscribe me and suscribe me here and i suscribed to you!!!!!!!! so yeah.
    and if u dont belive its me well it is! hahah! well evc forever and for those you who have now idea what im saying, im a total lunatic lol jkz.

  8. xxLiveAnimexx
    | Reply

    …its ok if you dont want to, its just a thought.

  9. Thecraftyhamsterguy
    | Reply

    ow my hamster loves dried apple nd yogurt drops but if yur gonna feed yogurt drops to yur hamster make sure that you give it a fine amount so that it cant get diabetes and my hamster also love sunflowerseeds but be careful when giving it to yur hamster beacause it has alot of fat so it could make yur hamster overweight well i could tell more things about my hamsters fav food if i made a vid about that so would you want me to make a vid on my hammys fav foood???

  10. tanujabhattessa
    | Reply

    I know this does not have to do with a hamster doing tricks but what is your hamsters favourite food?

  11. Thecraftyhamsterguy
    | Reply

    yeah sure… thx for the request i will try to make it by july 9 so yeah thx.

  12. xxLiveAnimexx
    | Reply

    can you make a video guide about hamster ilnesses and how to cure them? i think you would alot of views doing that

  13. Thecraftyhamsterguy
    | Reply

    thx and i agree whith you and now i don even use i any more so im hoping to get hamster play pen i ply whith him on the floor on a small room so he cant get lost easily and sometimes in a very big spacius table that isnt really high in height and somtimes even the bed but i make sure to hamster proof it and so yeah if you have any vid requests pls comment down below!!:D

  14. xxLiveAnimexx
    | Reply

    and i think he is suffering to escape, you shouldve done in a more spacey place
    but great job

  15. xxLiveAnimexx
    | Reply

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh gabe!!!!

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