how to teach your hamster to stand up

my hamster Marshmallo standing up.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Czarina Marie says:

    how long did it take your hamster to learn that trick? im training mine right now :) pls rep :D

  2. merckxtube says:

    Marshmallow = !CUTE!
    My best friends hamster looks like yours, so you are now officially the best youtube user ever.
    i have subsribed. my hamster has done this before.
    you are a real circus trainer!

  3. merckxtube says:

    here is the movie

    go to my channel,

    click my hamster standing up,

    and subscribe!!!

    or coment ! pleez

  4. acorral2016 says:


  5. So cute I put a video on for my hamster she’s so cute

  6. rootbeer416 says:

    I can’t hear a thing!! And this doesn’t teach me anything, I know how to teach me hamster to stand up, but I watch this because I was curious…….. Search how to train your hamster tricks and watch the second one… By the way cute hamster

  7. Mungoizkool says:

    fgs the hamsters CHEEKS are big cause he dosent EAT ALL the food he finds its a natural instinct

  8. shadowstripexx says:

    your hamster has fat checks when it stands up soo cute!!!

  9. artpeacemaster says:

    your hamster is really cute, I used to have a dwarf hamster too, but she died, :( Now I have a sweet syrian hamster, named charlie, he’s much bigger, and chubby too, also tough and smart, I’m trying to teach him to respond to up aswell. you did a good job with your hamster too.

  10. Marcs Tech says:

    Oh Awesome! Good Job! Make more hamster videos! Your hamster is good at tricks!

  11. hasan dbouk says:

    hmm u were just putting the treat above her head and saying up up even if u didnt she would still stad up -.-

  12. stickmanmersenary says:

    he/she wants to eat the camera

  13. stickmanmersenary says:

    he/her wants to eat the camera lol

  14. That’s so cute I’m gonna teach my hamster that trick and if you wanna see some of my hater videos go to thehamsterlovergirl and my videos are dorky

  15. Srry to tell u but this isn’t rlly a trick it’s just doing it for the food but ur hammy is sooooo cute

  16. Charlesking09 says:

    Hamsterrs are awesome dont you agree? your hamster is awesome it knows what to do illl try train mine tho

  17. angrywolf13 says:

    that was cool how your hamster knew how to stand up when told =)

  18. TheWowomg21 says:

    good job you should be like a hamster trainer for a job for a lil bit

  19. lol great job your hamster is so cute its like fat in the front legs its incredible!

  20. that is not really a trick. sorry, my hamster does that for food too.

  21. Mika Petilla says:

    ur hamster is so cute….especially the cheeks….it’s full of food,so chubby :D

  22. Eddie Lopez says:

    screw you 16jker this hamster is cute

  23. wat i would do is say up loud and clear
    then u put a small treat in front of its nose
    then u raise it so that the hamster has to stand to get to the treat
    wen it stands give it the treat. u do this daily and then say up without using the treat.

  24. shaneymee111 says:

    and i hate how the way ur mom doesnt suck my dick right

  25. Brian Wood says:


  26. drummerkid41 says:

    hey shut up she is just showing a trick dont be so mean.

  27. tigersalamandergirl says:


  28. tigersalamandergirl says:

    why do you need to be meann my goshh

  29. i hate you ur a gay fag with your bitchy hamdickster

  30. tigersalamandergirl says:

    thnx! but i HATE my voice

  31. killersoap25 says:

    a ahmster is a hamster but i like the vid

  32. tigersalamandergirl says:


  33. tigersalamandergirl says:

    thank you im going to make a new video on my new babby hamster and now marshmallow and clover like together !!!soo check it out

  34. tigersalamandergirl says:

    actually its a fancy dwarf its just the lighting but i seee where ur comeing fromm

  35. mrsporeman1 says:

    how do you unpload vido camrae stuff please reply!!!i have subsribed by the way

  36. myhamstersrule says:


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