How to teach your hamster to lay on its back / be calm | hamster skye

Request a video down below!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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21 Responses

  1. Female Dwarf Bunny
    | Reply

    Yeah that's actually a good idea. If you let them eat they won't really see it as scary or a threat. Mine got to the point where he just sleeps there.

  2. Zainab Nayla
    | Reply

    My hamster an I are on day one she love 's it only if I give her a treat

  3. Finnish Fursuitter :3
    | Reply

    U hamster is fat 💖

  4. Michelle Rodriguez
    | Reply

    So to day I was trying to catch my hamster to hold him like she did in 0:18 but it made a squeaking noise is this bad plzz help

  5. Slime_cookies123 Slime
    | Reply

    Ur hamster is eating too much it will get fat

  6. Purple Wolf
    | Reply

    this is so cute but my hamster hates staying on her back I don't need to try because she wont stay on her back for even a second and I don't want to force her

  7. Superhamster129
    | Reply


  8. Wiktoria Burcon
    | Reply

    I can't do it because I have got a syrian hamster

  9. Alayto •
    | Reply

    It worked for me and he bit me a couple times but it didn't hurt they were tiny bites and I kept giving him more so he was calm

  10. Lizzelias Swifties
    | Reply

    0:30 I think he is crying🐭

  11. Lillian Choi
    | Reply

    My hamster keeps running up and down.It will never work:(

  12. MoonPie
    | Reply

    It's 1:38 AM and I don't have a hamster what am I doing here

  13. kizzy vlogz
    | Reply

    ITS ME hamster_majesty FROM INSTAGRAM 😂😝😁🐹

  14. Cookie Does Everything
    | Reply

    I follow you on Insta om 😂💗

  15. Hee
    | Reply

    Does it wok on gerbils

  16. R A N D O M V I B E S
    | Reply

    If I tried this with my hamster, she doesn’t really like to stay still, so I guess she would keep getting up and I’d have to give up😂

  17. Asian nieestaa-Trinh Tran /taetzu is realltubee
    | Reply

    Thx is like heck naw, get off of me

    | Reply

    It bit me cuz my hand smelled horrid

  19. diana guadarrama
    | Reply

    I forgot what the video was about and just staring at your hamster because she or he is soooo adorable

  20. Random Stuff
    | Reply

    I am not a hamster expert but I dont think your hamster have clear eyes like healthy hamsters should have. I dont know if I am right.

  21. Verònica González Morales
    | Reply


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