How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

If you need to know where to start wit h distraction training watch this video:

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29 Responses

  1. genos 772
    | Reply

    I am 11 yrs old my dog died someone so cruel has a motorcycle knows she's there clearly and he run her over and hit her in the head and left him to die to suffer

  2. Ice Orthrus
    | Reply

    I had to leave this here because it is great, but my grandparents Dachshund loves going on walks. And everytime someone would say walk she would go nuts, so we decided to trick her by spelling it out and guess what? She now knows how to spell walk, if we say something along the lines of "will you W A L K over there" to someone else she runs out and stares at her leash. Anyone else every heard of a dog being able to spell? She's the only one I know of

  3. Last Kryptonian
    | Reply

    please help me. i can't stop my dog from barking at everything he hears outside.

  4. Kaitlyn Hightower
    | Reply

    Do you have any videos with Jack Russell Terriers? I would love tips on training my puppy!

    | Reply

    My sister in law has a puppy that they can't stop biting and won't walk on a leash right what can we do please help!!??

  6. Logan Tyndall
    | Reply

    I checked this video out to see what this guy's about. If you want to learn to walk your dog in a much simpler way that truly works, just watch Cesar Millan. No treats needed (although in certain cases they may help but eventually they aren't needed). My lab was a very strong puller. After I corrected her when she pulled, she learned what I wanted from her and pulled no longer. I could walk her off leash beside or behind me with cars, people and dogs passing. All this "no-scold" bull crap is just that. Dogs live in packs and need and want a leader so we should be that for them, or they will take on that roll (then multiple problems can develop such as insecurity, nervousness, dominance etc). After all, Cesar learned everything from the dogs themselves. A mother corrects her pups doesn't she? They respect and trust her all the same, like they do us when we lead and direct them. Just wanted to share hope helps someone like it did me with every dog I meet. Stay calm and assertive.

  7. wong feng
    | Reply

    Can you make a video .how to train gultair

  8. Hassan Ali
    | Reply

    lol ?? 4:01

  9. Lil Prinnyxo
    | Reply

    What would you suggest I do to a pup that gets so excited on walks that she would play fight me like biting my hand and jumping?

  10. raymond mendoza
    | Reply

    thanks for sharing, Zak! :)

  11. Kunal Thakur
    | Reply

    zack I want to know that how can I stay my dog calm and cool

  12. sabneraznik
    | Reply

    How do you stop a dog from messing in its crate? This only happens when I leave (she's fine for overnight sleeping) so I'm not there when she does it.

  13. Javiera Rivas-Struque
    | Reply

    My dog is really learning to walk on leash but he can`t control when there is an other dog or people walking, he always want to jump on them and bark and play with the dogs.
    How can i teach him not to go running to other dogs or people or birds?

  14. QuickSilver Boy
    | Reply

    Can you do a video on teaching our pet fish to not bark at gorilla at the lake

  15. Wesley Ewald
    | Reply

    I know you won't read this I but I need help. My dogs abused by its past owner and it's super clingy to my dad. it has anxiety and can't sit still without him he barks when he's gone. He can deal with my mom But noone else. The Problem is its stopping us from getting a new dog My dads job got harder and he is afraid of another dog acting the same way. We got a Puppy and he said we have to return it. So I want to know how to get this Stupid dog From ruining my animal life. How do you fix an abused dog My dad wants it to be a family dog and be happy around everyone And not flip out when he leaves or comes home.

    So help me +1 this comment so I can get helped and so I can get a higher chance for a response Thanks No matter what

  16. Gabriel Czyrski
    | Reply

    Can you make a video about the types of dogs that don't shed and name most of them?

  17. Mozart Gutierrez
    | Reply

    what brand is that lime green harness?

  18. Enzo Voci
    | Reply

    Zach, my three-month-old puppy is TERRIFIED of bigger dogs. He yelps and hides and occasionally has a little accident due to fear. I'm trying to socialize him gently but it's very difficult. If you need an idea for a video, maybe you can make one on this topic because I really love your training method!

  19. Hamza Aamir
    | Reply

    hey zak. I just got my first pup and I have no idea how to train her. I don't even know what things to teach her. she is a month old German Shepherd. any suggestions for me to what videos to watch?

  20. Sarah Pearson
    | Reply

    welldone Zak, Biscuit, SUNNY and Angie!!

  21. xKaNoot
    | Reply

    i dont even have a dog and i LOVE watching these videos!
    they make me want one, but I don't know just yet.

  22. Angelique Branim
    | Reply

    Tried it. Didn't work. She's too distracted from the word walk, doesn't accept treats, pulls extremely hard when other animals or dogs come into the picture and I have bad hips so I'm limited in trying to control her.

  23. Hella Bella
    | Reply

    I now this is stubid but can pet flow get food to another countrys?

  24. Kazz
    | Reply

    So, no matter where I go, my dog is "too close to something she's distracted by". She just wants to run, no matter what, and wants to check out every rock and blade of grass there is, I can't even train her in my own backyard. She gives me her attention, but when we're outside, it's non stop pulling and she continues to choke herself. She's a miniature poodle, about 8 years old now.

  25. Amazing Umar Vlogs
    | Reply

    Plz tell me I am buying a dog for their first time in my life should I buy a Labrador? plz zak George answer

  26. S P
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, could you do a video on prey drive ? is it possible to calm your dog’s prey drive? we have a staffie and rabbits, i would love to have them together in the yard.

  27. Arohan Choudhary
    | Reply

    Hey Zak! I immensely enjoy your videos on dog training and am looking to be a first time dog parent.Pls suggest a small sized smart dog for my small apartment.

  28. Shubham's Fish Tank
    | Reply


  29. A Youtube User
    | Reply

    ***HELP  ME! I have ordered 2 XL Extreme dog toys, one for my 14 week old Alsatian, and one for my 5  year old Pit bull. however, my pit-bull was severely abused before I got him so I don't know why he is scared of rubber… I've had him 2 years and I've noticed he cant even be in the same HOUSE as a balloon. I tried him with a Kong a few minutes ago and he just ran away crying with his tail between his legs after he smelt it… I don't know what to do, please answer back soon as I need advice from an experienced trainer, thanks!***

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