How to teach your dog to CLOSE DOORS!

Anything is possible with a positive approach. In this tutorial, find out how you can train your dog to close doors on cue. Let me know what you think! I’m m…

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28 Responses

  1. NiZZY KiZZY
    | Reply

    Congrats! On the 2nd im getting a german shepherd puppy too 😀

  2. DiffrentStef
    | Reply

    My dog opens my door and I hate having to get up all the time to close it. I’m so going to try this out 😛

  3. Anna Hansen
    | Reply

    My dog bites the post it note…

  4. hodhodyohady
    | Reply

    I am about to get a puppy and I am trying to watch all your vids to make sure I am ready

  5. aimee crossan
    | Reply

    My dog can close drawers don’t no how we never taught him

  6. Supany22
    | Reply

    Nice Vid and youo have a Epic dog.. nice Job training it

  7. ktweetn
    | Reply

    You’re awesome! Imma try it. Thank you!

  8. ProfessorDeathWolf
    | Reply

    My dog can open the screen door by herself and now she can close it 😀

  9. 3cogirl
    | Reply

    Check out my channel!!!!

  10. Trino Murillo
    | Reply

    Yay!! Cuz my dog learned how to open doors by watching us so now I can at least teach her to close them after!!

  11. Jetson Gordon
    | Reply

    my dog gets bored of it

  12. Ashley Huynh
    | Reply

    What treats do u give to ur dog?

  13. Dee Cote
    | Reply

    Beautiful and intelligent dog. Congratulations on your hard work, I have subscribed to keep watching your videos, they are very interesting and informative.

  14. MuiMuiYam
    | Reply

    Love this! Thank you!!!

  15. Moggleberries
    | Reply

    Going to teach my dog this! Thanks

  16. IowaEngineering
    | Reply

    your a great teacher

  17. MsPoofasa
    | Reply

    My dog’s afraid of the clicker…

  18. mercernarious
    | Reply

    Very very impressed!

    | Reply

    you are awsome

  20. pox1227
    | Reply

    omg you are the best

  21. jibin8936
    | Reply

    m sorry fren..i m not english man..i know my english is not gud..but i hope u understood my qstn..

  22. Mattias Bekele
    | Reply

    Why is his grammar like that

  23. TheProscootfilms
    | Reply

    were you get clicker

  24. 911sareforever
    | Reply

    can you make a video for this? im taking my dog to dominican republic in the fall and its a notorious there.

  25. JJnAJ10
    | Reply

    I tried, my dog was going so well ! With the first step, she did it consistently for five attempts, and then she refused to even look at it, only at the treats.

  26. howrse1216
    | Reply

    i have bought a clicker before and somehow i always am losing it somewhere or leaving it at parks and stuff but you can always download a clicker training app on your phone for free

  27. manuela redding
    | Reply


  28. crazyus91
    | Reply

    I LOVE your videos and i know where to get those clickers. they are usually found at your nearest dog store such as pet smart, or petco and many others

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