How to Teach Your Dog Sit, Down, Up and Stand in MINUTES!

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How to teach your dog to listen without treats:

All dogs are different. Dogs learn at different paces. In this video you’ll see several examples of very different dogs learn a cool “training drill”. Training like this leads to much better mutual communication between you and your dog!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Nandini Saxena says:

    I m a first time Owner should I buy a Malinois belgian

  2. Amina Sultana says:

    Very bad video stupid should properly how you have shown

  3. Miguel Harry Torres says:

    My dog know how to set and i want to train them with other skills. Thank you for your videos bro

  4. Hu Olive says:

    one da I woke up and m 3 monh old pupp I'm using m moms account now Raphael m golden reriever knew how o si and follow

  5. Kodojak M says:

    How do I get my dog to stop doing my taxes?

  6. Bobby McBob says:

    This is so good!!!!! It really helped my dog , shes usually sooo excited but she responded so well

  7. thank u this really helped me

  8. Alexis Evangelista says:

    How to stop my dog from munching every stuff he sees?😭

  9. Annie Conway says:

    My yorkie doesn’t ‘get’ the down instruction?

  10. Useless video

  11. Veronica Dentremont says:

    I am training one to help with laundry (get it; give it) getting it out of the dryer, or off the floor if dropped…he really doesn't yet get that I want the object, just that he gets a treat if he lets it go (my hand under his chin). He is 13 months old

  12. Veronica Dentremont says:

    that was great and thank you so much; switching from kibble to chicken and turkey! Am training 3 at same time…what a hoot!  some day they will be service dogs like their mom

  13. Natalie KittyCat says:

    My dog sat lie down and then jumped back up LOL then I finally got it

  14. Prabhakar Kannan says:

    What is the food given to the dog while training???

  15. I have a Shih Tzu so their short and just lower their heads when I try to have them lay down

  16. Malias Asmr says:

    My dog is dumb

  17. Richard Norton says:

    Beauty sleep man!!!! You need it!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Samantha Jones says:

    I love your videos!! shared!!! and loving your book too xx

  19. Jason Altmayer says:

    Easily my favorite dog channel… dude you are awesome keep it up!

  20. yass queen says:

    This didt help

  21. kasiy kitty says:

    my dog is a mix with a pit bull and a sheppered and he is 4 and he won't listen

  22. Damn this man talks to fucking much

  23. Barrett Massey says:

    I am training my service dog myself (he’s the dog in the picture with me) and you are the only person I can stand to watch tbh. These videos help me so much . You helped me teach my dog Grim sit and stay which is AWESOME

  24. Rahul Awesome says:

    me too ° )

  25. Team Pride says:

    can this be done with 8 week old puppies?

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