How to teach your dog his name- Dog training Tip of the Day clicker training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

In this video I will show you how to teach your dog their name. Remember, people over use their dogs names, so for more information on that Watch my video on the Positive Interrupter- How to stop unwanted behavior. Teaching your dog their name can be very useful if you have multiple dogs in your household. — Dog training clicker training how to teach your dog what his or her name means it’s very easy using food to train a dog their name

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. krrrruptidsoless
    | Reply

    How to teach beck and call for emotional distressed humans.

  2. bboybullet1
    | Reply

    how do u train it to not compete for the food

  3. bboybullet1
    | Reply

    how do you teach your dog not to compete for the foods

  4. lednugenna
    | Reply

    thank you for bringing up food guarding in a helpful way.

  5. bodaleni
    | Reply

    Another amazing video.
    You make the training so matter of fact.
    Clear, simple, and fantastic results.
    Carole x x

  6. TEMSproductions
    | Reply

    very useful i have a new puppy¡¡

  7. on1inepirate
    | Reply

    VERY very great video. Thanks!

  8. CitizenDick1
    | Reply

    Master Roshi!!!!

  9. kaikahitonari
    | Reply

    wow this is very usefull!! im getting my new pitbull puppy on thursday next week and im gunna name him dozer!!!!

  10. therandjshow1818
    | Reply

    thanx this helped me alot with my new dog rosey im going to try it out now

  11. XxKinoWolfxX
    | Reply

    i got a new dog, and she had an old name.. but i don’t know what it is, i’m trying to teach her new name, but she wont listen because of her old name… what should i do…

  12. LoveGermanShepherds1
    | Reply

    wow your a great trainer!!

  13. BunnyTigerMeow
    | Reply

    Your video doesn’t tell me anything of how to rename my puppy his name

  14. kikopup
    | Reply

    @BunnyTigerMeow You say the dogs name and then feed him a treat right after you say it! You are right I never actually “said” it, I only showed me doing it. I guess I sometimes forget to explain!

  15. kikopup
    | Reply

    @XxKinoWolfxX Say the name, then feed a treat, and repeat. When you say the name after a bit of training, the dogs should look at you attentively.

  16. johnwayne205hotmai
    | Reply

    You are great!!!!
    I’m far from has good has you . But learning . Thank you!

  17. gunnyfreak
    | Reply

    Question…. How do u get the dogs to sit around u in the 1st place? My pup just wanders off to his own business…..

  18. mustangirlie121
    | Reply

    When I tell my border collie to sit when hes laying down he just stares at me how do I make him get back up (you can email me at

  19. GhostHostJeff
    | Reply

    Thanks so much! I just adopted a dog from the shelter and will use this technique so he may learn his new name 🙂

  20. lexx773
    | Reply

    i just got a 6 month old fox hound from the pound.they give them names there but they dont teach them their name.i saw how to teach a dog their name on it’s me or the dog. this vid is very helpful and easy.thank you sooooo sooo much 🙂

  21. peachyhez
    | Reply

    You are amazing!! I stumbled across your videos looking for a way to help the very shy shelter dog we adopted a few days ago, and I think I love you. It’s so wonderful to see someone using gentle, effective methods to train dogs, and I’ve been watching your videos, one after another, for the last 2 hours. You are a remarkable person; thank you for sharing!

  22. brownsteel2008
    | Reply

    Kiko and splash are amazing. i love how splash acts all mature when u’re constantly giving treats to kiko and tug(is the name right). Splash is like “oh its ok… she’ll give me one too…” Adorable…..

  23. jensdude95
    | Reply

    great video 🙂 But wouldnt the dog after a while respond like “Where is my treat?” Everytime you call him his name?

  24. lilalfredo59
    | Reply

    does it matter how old they are?

  25. polybius87
    | Reply

    Hi Kikopup! Isn’t this the same as teaching the positive interrupter? With both all you want is the dogs attention e.g. eye contact. So what is the real difference? When do i use its name or the positive interrupter noise? Thnx

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