How to teach your cat to SIT

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Didga as a kitten is SO adorable! This is my third re-edit of this video, improving the advice and quality, versions removed had over 230k views Teaching your cat to “sit” is a barely scratching the post to what your cat can learn. From here you can teach your cat to “Stay” for some great photos, high-five, lay down, spin 360, or the best trick ever the “hand stand trick” lots to teach. ALL it takes the right technique, practice and time. Visit my Patreon page to see all that’s happening at
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Filmed mostly with a GOPro
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Music various sources, like Jingle punks, Final cut tracks

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Robert, Didga and Boomer

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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14 Responses

    | Reply

    Hi Friends, This tutorial will hopefully encourage you to teach your cat more, and or learn how to effectively correct any behavioural issues. So if you find my tutorials helpful and would like to support my channel, become a Patron (just launched today 2/27/18

  2. Trippy Nightchild ∆
    | Reply

    I love watching your videos so much. I've been watching since April 2014, shortly after my boy Opey passed away. He looked almost exactly like Didga and it was incredibly uncanny to see his twin in a video, but at the same time it made me so happy to find another talented cat just like my boy. Its like a part of Opey lives in Didga and i love and adore her so much despite never meeting her. You and your cats are a huge inspiration and in Opey's honour, i decided to train my rescue cat Meeko (a purebred russian blue), who i rescued later on that same year, and now I teach him everything I can. He knows everything from skateboarding, to jumping on my shoulder or swimming. I have been teaching him new things for the past 4 years of his life. He learned how to high five when he was just 5 months old, then which paw was right or left, and when i say "right paw, left hand" he will high five my left hand with his right paw. Or "left paw, left hand." And so on… he also knows how to pat a cake, skateboard, he is very well behaved on a leash when we take him for walks, he can count to 5 by meowing or high five. (Still working on teaching him to count to a higher number), and this may be a fluke but i may or may not have taught him how to answer questions with his paws. "Right for yes, left for no." So you ask him a yes or no question, he will answer with his paws. I asked him one time "do you love mama?" And he gave me a left for no. Then my husband asked "do you love dad?" And he gave him right for yes. Then i asked "are you just pulling my leg?" And Meeko gave me a right for yes and it was the funniest thing ever. This cat has so much personality and he learns incredibly fast, just like Opey did when he was still here.
    I would love to get a clicker and clicker train him but i still have yet to find and purchase one.
    Thank you for being a huge inspiration! Pet and hug those beautiful kitties for me. ❤️

  3. Larion Siments
    | Reply

    I need advice guys, i'm trying to teach my cat to sit with this video but no matter what i do my can't just won't sit down when i try giving her the food, i tried to reach behind her head and lift the lure higher but nothing makes her sit on her own, she just doesn't get it 🙁 any help?

  4. Huong Mi Vo
    | Reply

    You are awesome! Keep going!

  5. ArmannyMalaga
    | Reply

    Oh no, did you remove all your other cat tutorials 😭

  6. Kasia Dobija
    | Reply

    love this CAT !

  7. neoxtra
    | Reply

    How old is Didga and what is her diet? Thanks

  8. Xinda Nobody
    | Reply

    Good video.

    Shame one of my cats doesn't like wet food/cat treats.

  9. 1whitemoon
    | Reply

    wet food on a spoon..?
    that can work even on my cat. she ignores treats of all kinds.
    can I use treats to teach a cat to stay away from furniture/ the kitchen?
    my cat really needs training. she's a feral cat I adopted. I took her in because she was sick, but now she lives indoors and she's a real trouble maker. she taught herself to open the doors and the bedroom window. and she'll jump into the fridge, steal food from my plate/ the counter, scratch the couch, climb on tables/beds she shouldn't, lie down on my laptop refusing to move, etc. I can't just pick her up and move her, cause she's a bit wild and might bite.

  10. Victor Pelufaz
    | Reply

    a mis gatos les gusta que le toquen la jalea

  11. Esther ZL
    | Reply

    Learned one of our cats to jump! Our other cat refuses to do anything that requires movement, but we managed to teach her to say meow for a treat.

  12. whiterose2209
    | Reply

    I love Didga!

  13. uggson
    | Reply

    But my cat already knows how to shit.

  14. Martine
    | Reply

    I have a question. Can I teach a young cat (kitten) to sit in a basket with grill over the head, on a bicycle and drive with the bicycle? Have you a video for that?

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