How to Teach Your Cat to Lie Down… Perfect!

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Hang out and we’ll talk cats:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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19 Responses

  1. The Twinz
    | Reply

    Hello Jennifer, we've been subscribed for the longest time, you are so entertaining that we now have useful cat tips. You've even inspired us into making our own YouTube channel and getting a new kitten thank you Jennifer. Keep doing what your doing, we love you

  2. putri diana veronica
    | Reply

    ur face seem familiar

  3. Tegan Hancock
    | Reply

    Weirdo paws paws paws

  4. salah saleh
    | Reply

    sexy girl 😍

  5. Wiktoria Miszuris
    | Reply

    Very interesting, but my cat is deaf.

  6. Mehmet GÖNCÜ
    | Reply

    O mg u re great thank you

  7. corinakelly
    | Reply

    Hi Jennifer, Thank you for all your great advice. l love all of your videos, so so helpful as I am new to the kitty world and loving every minute…Yay! 🙂 My Harrison is picking up most of the simple tricks I have tried so far like a little legend. <3 Though I cant seem to get him to realise what I'm all about when attempting the lay down trick when using the treat… he jus sits there staring at me like…."annnd?" then attempts to dig the treat out with his paw. At very best I get sniff at my hand with treat but he is still sitting upright or standing. Is there another way to approach this one? Thanks again for all of your fab vids. X

  8. Madara Katrīna Kārkliņa
    | Reply

    Hi Jenifer!Just wanted ask what bread is Wiskey.He's sooo cute!

  9. Ꮶɨքքɛʀ Ꮶʊքքɛʀ
    | Reply

    I use a pen that makes the click sound for a clicker

  10. Moomin
    | Reply

    I training my cat to sit 3 days ago but all of a sudden she won't do it anymore :/

  11. Sophia Sparkle Club
    | Reply

    What can I do if I do not have a clicker?

  12. Alison Salinas
    | Reply

    Click, treat, repeat! 😂😂😂

  13. Alison Salinas
    | Reply

    U deserve more subscribers, likes, love ect. !!! You are such an inspiration to me I taught my cat all these things and it works!!!! Thanks so muuuuuuch Jennifer!!! <3

  14. Daniel Escanaba
    | Reply

    OMG you are too funny with the Lady Gaga paws paws. The piano background music was a tasteful choice.

  15. Gaby's and Her Pet's Videos
    | Reply

    I have my first kitten

    | Reply

    Good job! this should help everyone!

  17. Kim Klamandt
    | Reply

    You're completely crazy. But you know how to train a cat, teach me great master.
    I'm going to train my cat now too, wish me luck! (new subscriber, hehe)

  18. Fatima shahzad
    | Reply

    I have a cat too and I tried to train him

  19. Attock Khan
    | Reply

    how do you tell your cat to speak English ?

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