How to teach your bird to fly to you -Easy !

GUESS WHAT?, we just released this video on teaching your bird to fly to your hand just on command !. Experts have spent years doing this , yet we show you e…

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5 Responses

  1. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    STEP 2-Then u can begin the step up.Dnt grab it, simply let it out cautiously out the cage with gr8 care. Place it on a perch or a stand outside the cage and remove the cage to a place ur bird cannot see or jump to. Then press gently on the chest and say “step up” then reward, continue this process on a daily basis and reward each time. Your bird will eventually get used to u. If u face future biting problems while its on ur hand , i have a video that shows u how to stop biting probelms.

  2. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Hi,Its gr8 ur bird is young and thats the perfect cage for training to develop large bonds with urbirds.we highly recommend wing trimming which we have a video for. Its advantages are explained in the video and after u have trained him wings would have grown back so u shouldnt worry about that. “How beautiful is to see birds launching in the air but again how disasterous is to see birds bumping into the window and injuring itself.”.

  3. AtcCrazyKid
    | Reply

    hi dood i resently bought a tow month old cockatiel and i dont know how to train it becase im not allowed to take it out of its cage if i do it just flys away but i woud not know how to take it out becase it cant do step up or anything like that it also bites i wached your video on that subject but i need some more tips pleas help me

  4. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Thank you, like our facebook page called bird tameness and stay updated !/ kindly share our videos

  5. juba54311
    | Reply

    good work keep it up and good luck

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