How to Teach You Horse to Rear

This is a tutorial on how to teach your horse to rear. In this video ill be showing how I taught my miniature horse and my Percheron X draft horse to rear.
Before I started this I had taught both of these guys how to do basic liberty( follow me, come here etc…) you can find my tutorial on this by clicking the link below
DISCLAIMER: Teaching your horse to rear can be extremely dangerous, I am not liable for any injury that may occur to you, your horse, or anyone else around while trying this.

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29 Responses

  1. MayRy
    | Reply

    2:49 but were still yelling "HA"..

  2. Ellie McCarthy
    | Reply

    I do basic liberty with my horse, who is a 17 hh oldenburg, but I would be terrified of him ever rearing not on command or if I accidentally signal for him to rear! I think I would only teach it to a mini since I am not that experienced.

  3. Ally Meyer
    | Reply

    Yikes I don't think you should do this this is dangerous

  4. Eden Eventing
    | Reply

    I didn't have to teach my mare to rear. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Kiki Horse Fun
    | Reply

    They already know how to rear, but okay.

  6. Denise Culver
    | Reply

    Amazing work! I love ur video! so I tried and mine just followed the treats LOL but we'll keep at it

  7. Sophie King
    | Reply

    I tried teaching my horse this but he got confused so he tried to go onto the lunge a few times and suggest other tricks. He was just doing what he knows and he only wants to please. He raised his head when giving the cue and almost went off the ground, but I just feel like it wasn't fun and the way it should be. He's fully desensitised to the whip btw. Can you help with this? Xx

  8. Sony Jen
    | Reply

    Idiot… you don't teach a damn horse how to rear! You spook them into doing it… horses rear naturally, stop taking credit for what they do naturally! Fail!

  9. Goodbye My angel on earth
    | Reply

    This was very helpful but i would recommend not doing braids because when they come down from the rear it will slap their face and neck πŸ˜€

  10. This Equestrian
    | Reply

    I want to teach my 20 yr old ex racehorse thoroughbred to do this because he can no longer be ridden… any thoughts or tips on wether I should take this on, btw I’m only 13..

  11. Kht Silverglade
    | Reply

    K so I tried, and Areo spooked when I went up. How do I stop that…. So should I just not? Do the rear or?

  12. Kht Silverglade
    | Reply

    Awesome! I'll try this will my Liberty Horses, Areo and Josie!!

  13. Rebecca Curran
    | Reply

    Very good short and clear lessons!

  14. Alexandra Clermont
    | Reply

    Wow, there is so much to learn and practice with your content! Definitely a new subscriber in your block. ❀️️

  15. annalise wood
    | Reply

    That is beautifully done now my horse can do it

  16. Caroline Equestrian
    | Reply

    Great video! Learning a lot from your channel!

  17. Sienna Keir Hansen
    | Reply

    Great Video!! I have a 24y horse that I'm trying to teach to rear but whenever I run back and arsk him to rear he gets freaked out by my arms moving up?? I have had him for over a year and have done all your liberty videos with him. Any advice would be great! Does his age matter?? Thanks sooooo much xox Sienna

  18. Angelica Lorten
    | Reply

    I have a question… My horse just turns his head away when I do that, he sometimes gets mad and aggressive, but even in 3 days he still never reared once, he turned around and thats it, why??? what can I do about it?

  19. Abbey Hewlett
    | Reply

    Say if you have taught your horse this already – how would you do it from on horseback so transfer the cue from ground to riding 😊? (My horse has gotten pretty good from the ground and hasn't done it without asking) 😁

  20. Dominique Barrette
    | Reply

    Thank you so much you are the best

  21. matthew tester
    | Reply

    I got the horse i lease to rear on command now i only have been ridding him for 2 weeks did nothing from the ground and befor u get mad at me for pulling on his mouth i refuse to ride with a bit i use a hackamore bridle

  22. Stephanie Thompson
    | Reply

    Impressive series of videos. I do appreciate that you mentioned the bad behaviour that often arises from teaching a horse to rear. I have to say to the average viewer though, don't teach your horse to rear please, teach it to lie down, teach it to bow, just not rearing. I do training and fixing problem horses, and have had several brought in that had been ruined by inexperienced people teaching them to rear, they would simply rear all the time and were too dangerous to handle and ride for their owners. Rearing is something that very very easily overdone, unless you have perfect control and discipline it will become a problem. Even very highly regarded horse trainers will usually refuse to teach a horse to rear for those reasons (if the horse will be ridden by other people). If you still want to teach your horse to rear and feel you have the discipline and control to do so, consider what could happen if your horse ever needed to be rehomed and someone with less control and discipline were to handle him.

  23. Equine Dreamer
    | Reply

    I love your channel. I have been training my two horses Liberty using your videos they are doing great. But I have a small problem with my gelding. When he rears he does not fold his front feet in they just stay straight. Is their something I could do to help him or fix this or does it just have to come naturally? Thanks for the great videos they are so helpful😊

  24. Hollyberry
    | Reply

    I have a question with training my horse to rear. When he is following me and I try to get my horse into an upward stance he either turns to the right or left when I try to get him into an upwards stance. Will he still learn rear if he turns as I do what you do?

  25. Patsy Cox
    | Reply

    I love your videos! They are full of great info, straight to the point. Whereas most other videos i would watch for 20 mins and either not finish the video or not get good info from it. Your videos are excellent. They arent so short you learn nothing and they arent so long that people stop watching because its boring. Please keep making these!

  26. Vanessa Kamberovic
    | Reply

    What did you do when your horse on the exersize go right or left and dobt wanna rear a little bit? How did you correct it?

  27. Xx Beta09
    | Reply

    All of your videos are very helpful and inspiring! You also make it seem so easy, as I currently also have a Percheron QH cross and he seems to be a bit of a slow learner, but it's worth all the time and effort, nothing can't be fun whenever a rider has their horse =)

  28. Firefly Equine
    | Reply

    How would you teach them to do this when you are mounted???

  29. Orca Dream Studios
    | Reply

    I tried this a little different with my horse. It worked so well. Although I teach my horse three different ways to rear.

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