HOW TO: Teach walk to canter.

So this isn’t everyones way to teach walk to canter, but it’s mine & it worked for me & my horse. Helpful Tips: 1) Every time you canter say the word to your…

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18 Responses

  1. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    Good to hear! 🙂 thank you! xox

  2. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    Thanks! I will 🙂 xx

  3. RedSkyAtNight09
    | Reply

    You are an amazing Rider! keep up the good work! 😀 brilliant vid x

  4. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    Continued-Also keep your leg on when asking her for your smaller circle but
    don’t kick her, just keep your leg there for support so she feels secure 🙂

  5. RunLikeSheeka
    | Reply

    woooo Alex Goot <3

  6. EquiiAlbi
    | Reply

    Wow! Thanks ! This is really useful 😀 May you answer me a question? The
    horse I ride canters well, around the riding arena, when I do a cercle, she
    goes really rigid and then she stops cantering. My riding arena is really
    huge but she only can do a cercle as big as half arena. If the cercle is
    smaller than that, she stops. What can I do? Another thing: I have to ask
    for canter with a very precise kick, but sometimes she starts to bounce and
    rear… The 2nd try goes well.. Sorry for my english.

  7. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    haha <3

  8. Miya Higgins
    | Reply

    BEAUTIFUL horse

  9. ArchangelVampire
    | Reply

    Thanks so much, I’ll try it ^^

  10. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    Thanks so much! she’s amazing <3

  11. EquiiAlbi
    | Reply

    Aww you’re so kind 🙂 Thank you 😀 I’ll try it. The only thing I used to do
    was make pressure with the outside leg to don’t stop cantering:P But I
    still have a lot of problems with her canter. She’s a bit “special” and
    young:/… haha

  12. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    I just circle your horse on the circle she can do and slowly bring the
    circle a bit smaller each time you go around. Like a spiral in. keep your
    leg on her side but don’t kick, just hug your legs around her to make sure
    she doesn’t stop. When she feels like she will stop bring her out to the
    bigger circle and give her a break and a pat. I’ll make a video of how to
    make your horses canter better when my broken arm heals. I’ll make it as a
    video response to this video and I’ll send it you you 🙂 x

  13. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    Continued-Then after about 7 days of doing that you can get on and do the
    same thing! If you have an experienced person to help you ask them to help.
    If you think your horse is balanced then put her into canter on a big
    circle where there’s nothing in the way and try to take her into a smaller
    circle(gradually)and as soon as she starts to even think of slowing her
    legs give her a break and tell her shes good!Make sure your small circle
    isn’t too small,just a bit smaller than your big circle

  14. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    Thank you 🙂

  15. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    I’d start out on the lunge, on a really big circle with no side reins, and
    let her get her balance, she’s probably running because she isn’t balanced.
    Charlie would run instead on canter too, she would also fall and trip while
    trying to canter. I just gave her confidence on the lunge (telling her good
    girl when she cantered and giving her long regular breaks every time she
    did it right!) so she didn’t have to take my weight when she wasn’t ready!
    Don’t try to jump until she can canter 🙂

  16. ArchangelVampire
    | Reply

    Amazing riding! Question haha. My horse does not like to canter. She just
    runs, fast lol. And she’s the alpha of all the other horses so she does not
    like to canter or jump. Do you know how I can teach her to canter instead
    of full out run?

  17. thehorseyfreak
    | Reply

    your a good rider! keep tutorials up!!! theyrre so easy to understand!!!

  18. Danielle Weymark
    | Reply

    Happy to help 🙂 Thank you! If you teach your horse this please post a
    video response! :))

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