How to Teach Rats Tricks

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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38 Responses

  1. b1njjj95
    | Reply

    Why do rats have to have such short life spans, they are soo awesome! 🙁

  2. Brittney Phillips
    | Reply

    What if your rats do the truck but won’t take the treat.. Still training

  3. Gryphon Girl
    | Reply


  4. Artūrs Zaremba
    | Reply


  5. Gryphon Girl
    | Reply

    i bet you will be able to teach it

  6. Artūrs Zaremba
    | Reply

    I will try that out later with my rat.

  7. Gryphon Girl
    | Reply

    no i know i did it right my rat is just really well… “different” like he
    absolutely HATES being picked up and i pick him up right i know i do hes
    just really weird and suborn

  8. Artūrs Zaremba
    | Reply

    Well, you just maybe did it wrong, so…

  9. Artūrs Zaremba
    | Reply

    But it isn’t!

  10. shaylen sanders
    | Reply

    Looks pretty easy!

  11. gemma feltovich
    | Reply

    That didn’t work, AT ALL

  12. Rattieratty
    | Reply


  13. Gryphon Girl
    | Reply

    well that went terrible -_-

  14. Gryphon Girl
    | Reply

    lets hope this works im gonna go try right now HERE I GO TO THE GRAPES

  15. Greg Skies
    | Reply

    That fat Rat would make a tasty stew.

  16. onemartha
    | Reply

    Its so phat

  17. Empress-naomi- Absolutesweetheart- Edaniel
    | Reply

    He’s not fat he’s just a big rat. They come in lots of sizes. Anywho, when
    I have my girls in a quite area and try to train they can’t seems to focus.
    They play with me lots but when I try to get them to pay attention to one
    task their attention span shrinks to that of a toddler!

  18. snoopyloopy
    | Reply

    rats are actually pretty smart little animals

  19. Maria Tortosa
    | Reply

    Rats they make a good pet. 🙂

  20. spaghettieating
    | Reply

    Oh man, I wish I had a computer with internet access!

  21. camwoodstock
    | Reply

    1. Don’t try DONE

  22. hazelatthedisco99
    | Reply

    Probably gonna get bad comments from saying this but i think that rat needs
    more excersise than treats

  23. kemanchie
    | Reply

    this is a male rat female rats are about half an inch smaller…. and
    normal rats should not be that over weight…….

  24. HumanWarrior0
    | Reply

    dumbo rat YAY! lots of fancys but no many dumbos

  25. mymarcus10
    | Reply

    I’m going to use this on by brother 😀

  26. anna xo
    | Reply

    i hate rats 🙁

  27. Amber Stewart
    | Reply

    thanks this helped a lot

  28. Gina Peirce
    | Reply

    I believe it’s karni mata. Not karmi.

  29. 153indio
    | Reply


  30. stelthmunky
    | Reply

    Put some little rat armour on it, and we’re ready to go.

  31. ballsackTbager
    | Reply

    Do I need a rat to do this?

  32. drivem42
    | Reply

    Change your name to Wilbur

  33. Awesomnesscx
    | Reply

    My rat Knows ALOT of tricks but now she cant do them cause she has 2 tummors

  34. Rachel X
    | Reply

    awww! ^^ its so cute 😀

  35. Adam Karns
    | Reply

    Wow, I never realized how good Michelle Rodriguez is with animals.

  36. mysticality27
    | Reply

    Now i will be able to train my gladiator rats(family guy)

  37. Velinash
    | Reply

    oPuPo is the master of rats. There’s videos on their page that teach you
    many rat tips and tricks. Just type in the name and you can check out their
    Youtube videos. 🙂

  38. daysfamous
    | Reply

    Good. Two rats not only one 😀 But what if your mom likes all kinds of
    animals expect rats? O.o What will you do then? A tip: Don’t “buy”
    dumbo,… rats. Just fancy ones. They’ve not that many problems with
    health. Man, dumbo rats are so poor.. ;( And don’t buy a mini cage, please

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