How To Teach Rats Not To Bite Through The Cage Bars

In this video I go over how you can teach your rats to accept food through the cage bars without biting anything thats not food (like fingers) that are poked through. Enjoy!

– Wallpaper Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. ThatOneNerdGirl says:

    How long do you think it would take to train this?

  2. chris spencer says:

    How do I get my rat to stop chewing her bars

  3. Lucia Patino says:

    Yes now they will stop

  4. i’ve been bitten through the bars. i was letting my rat hershey sniff me and she randomly bit me

  5. Akita 12 says:

    So smart! What a splendid idea!

  6. John Ernest says:

    Again thank you for your reply, you are so helpful! You deserve an award for rat trainer of the year. Much appreciated as always!!!! John

  7. Stormwolf 43 says:

    Love this video. ❤️ can you do a video on your rats diet?I’m just interested to know 😂 your rats are amazing btw 😉

  8. JennyM1998 says:

    how long did it take until they got the message?
    I tried this with my boys and they did understand not to bite my hands when I put babyfood on there but the "hard" treats confused them, they started biting again

  9. John Ernest says:

    Okay I got your link and I watched it and it is very interesting and I got the concept but I am having a hard time understanding where to put the box or block of wood. Do I put it where she likes to get off the couch as she jumps down in a couple of places. Also should jumping on the box = going to the cage right away for a minute then back out, then repeat for 2 minutes, then 5 minutes ECT??? Is this the way to teach her not to jump on the floor so she stays on the couch? I'm so sorry for being a pain for you but I am a novice when it comes to this. Could you make a video of something like this?? Thanks again and have a great weekend, John

  10. thank you!! I didnt know it was possible to teach the rats this, I was worried because so many people almost instinctively poke their fingers through the bars and I wouldnt want anyone getting hurt.

  11. John Ernest says:

    Thank you for your reply but I am confused about the elevator or on the box method as I can not find this video of yours??? Thanks again, your awesome!🐀

  12. Hunnie B says:

    Good information here girl……..your ratties are the cutest :)

  13. Your videos are so informative thank you!

  14. Lisa Southcott says:

    This has been super helpful. My boys don't bite through the bars but I've also never fed them through the bars, the only get given treats at the door of the cage when called. I might start giving them the occasional treat through the bars as I'm now confident that they won't start biting (I'm always poking their little snoots and feet through the bars)

  15. Koko Kringle says:

    Do you have a patreon? I would totally donate to spoil those sweeties <3

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