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This is Truman, a Cape parrot, and he’s going to help us demonstrate how to do the big eagle trick. I like to just call it wings, because that’s what the parrot’s going to do. He’s going to show his wings like he’s a big eagle.

The way to teach the trick is you use your fingers to press the parrot’s wings out and they stretch them open and you give a treat. At first, the bird’s not going to lift his wings very far. At first, he might just pick them up a little bit. Any progress in picking up the wings is worthwhile and you should reward it.

It’s just a matter of getting them used to picking up their wings and holding them for longer. Good boy. Then you can proceed to showing the cue from further away to get them to lift their wings from further.

Wings. Try that again. Wings. Good boy.

I use the two-fingers cue like this because it’s easy to transition from pressing on their wings to help them open them at first to teaching them to do it on command.

Wings. That’s good. Very nice.

Some parrots like to naturally throw their wings out just for the heck of it. With those parrots, all you’ve got to do is click whenever they lift their wings and say your cue, such as “wings” or “big eagle,” and give them the treat. For other birds, like these guys who don’t naturally stick their wings out in full, the only way to teach it is through shaping. That’s by lifting their wings open with your fingers and then giving the treat. That’s how you teach your parrot to show its wings.

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  1. Cynthia Edelman-Rota says:

    this is negative reinforcement.. not really a nice way to get behaviors…

  2. ramesh kumar says:

    what is your parrot brreed

  3. Hamza Alhashimi says:

    Plz put ur love bird on the next video u uplode

  4. Christina Bako says:

    My parrot shakes his wings so much he loses balance.
    I think he needs therapy.
    His first 13 years were very neglected. Since I've had him he comes out of his cage and plays. He didn't seem to have a personality before

  5. please tell me wich food you give your parrot in traning

  6. Anthony and Xitlalli Vlogs ! says:

    My birds do this all the time and I did not even teach them that

  7. Nick Rolando says:

    I did the things and my parakeet just throws his wings but when I did the rock sign to him he didn't open them

  8. DeadFire 708 says:

    Can I do this with a parakeet?

  9. Am i the only one watching parrot tricks and doing it to a tiny tiel?? Lol

  10. GaminWithDerb says:

    my african grey bites me when I do this

  11. I can't touch my parrot he bite me hard all the time , he really don't a human to play with him , how can I do ? Could u explain me something ?

  12. can I do this with a cocktail?

  13. I said "Big Eagle!" every time my cockatiel opened his wings, and he eventually just started saying it every time he opened them, but not when I asked him to.

  14. Poprawny Polak says:

    Aww… When I get my life together as an adult I'm gonna get myself a faithful parrot companion.

  15. MsPrincessPython says:

    Yeah. Eveytime I try this. He just steps up onto my finger.

  16. coco diamond says:

    what are you giving to the parrot??And can i give that to a cockatiel?

  17. Is he saying "Hey cutie?" or something "kili"?

  18. Caitlin Bird says:

    Great. Let's poke and harass the bird to teach it.

  19. I just got a parrot and now all these parrot videos are on my page because I subscribed to Howcast months ago! Awesome!

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