How to teach a pet rat to spin (four steps)

Whiskey walks us through the steps of how to teach a pet rat to spin by voice command. When trying this, don’t spend too long training the rat each day, 5 mi…

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41 Responses

  1. Aleta Wolff
    | Reply

    Que legal!! Adorei!

  2. Jackievip
    | Reply

    I just got rats that are 1 year old. They are sooooo scared. They don’t even care about their snacks. I have to take it SOOOOO slow 🙁 They wont even come out of their hiding place at all during the day to eat or drink. I don’t know how they were treated when litle but for me this is weird. When i was 14 i had lots of rats and they were brave and fun.

  3. Victor Motta
    | Reply

    whenever my rat gets the treat he jumps on me and runs straight to my shoulder and eats there everytime 😛 so cute

  4. Andrius Šiurkus
    | Reply

    CHEEEEEEESE!!!! *-*

  5. SwissStrawberry
    | Reply

    it’s a male rat.. so guess what

  6. RenxoxoRoxxy
    | Reply

    Your videos have helped so much! When I first got my rat I hardly knew anything and Whiskey and Womble were the first rats I watched on YouTube. I had no idea that they could o amazing and I love my baby girl, Sugar, so much more than I thought I would! All of my friends think it’s weird I chose a pet rat but I show them your videos and they fall in love every time, thank you so much for showing everyone how sweet they really are!

  7. David Mendoza
    | Reply

    Whats the thing down his tail

  8. Jade Pendergast
    | Reply

    You made them a rat clubhouse too!? /(QoQ)

  9. Adeline Beth
    | Reply

    i will try this on my rats

  10. Marina Suomi
    | Reply

    my rat doesnt want to spin :/

  11. woodstockprincessx
    | Reply

    so cute and good music choice lol

  12. Anna Mazurowska
    | Reply

    I think you should wait. My rats are also young and they simply don’t have time to do things like this 🙂

  13. Maria Gamer
    | Reply

    My rats very hiper… She won’t listen and I say spin and show her the treat, she’s 9 weeks old, what should I do?

  14. TheKidzRul
    | Reply

    CUTE! a simple, fun trick i can teach my new baby rat!

  15. hannah thomas
    | Reply

    what treats did u use?

  16. MsTwistedreality
    | Reply

    im dizzy just watching 😛 lol

  17. AlexAndTaylor7
    | Reply

    I’m getting young rats today, should I start training right away? or wait?

  18. awsomeness163
    | Reply

    All my rat did was yank it out of my hand the first time

  19. stitchietherat
    | Reply

    Erg he won’t follow my treat. But I put him on a stool he’s never been on before so

  20. EndlessSky
    | Reply

    I did the same thing xD

  21. jasmine al
    | Reply

    Aaww this is sweet, I have one female pet rat she’s so cute but I think she feels lonely even though I pay a lot of attention to her, so I’m getting another liittle girl!

  22. stef willemen
    | Reply

    They can fiind drugs like dogs .

  23. Louisa Hislop
    | Reply

    I can’t even teach my rats their names. They may manage this though they LOVE treats.

  24. kim5805
    | Reply

    I have two rats myself, and I’m going to try to learn them this!

  25. huntersam4028
    | Reply

    thanks for the tips. What do you use to treat em that wont fill them up but keep them interested?

  26. PaulinexMike
    | Reply

    Thanks!! I’ll keep trying and hopefully they will learn 🙂

  27. actinggirl124
    | Reply

    Same, though I’ve found that they will take the treats if it’s in a very often visited comfortable spot…which unfortunately is most of the time their cage. Keep trying! I still am and I’ve had them for a couple of months.

  28. PaulinexMike
    | Reply

    so my rats wont follow any treats, they wont eat outside of their cage… how can i train therm??

  29. ishika agarwal
    | Reply

    awesome trick

  30. Abby Roeser
    | Reply

    please check out my rat training video! you inspired me to train mine!

  31. youngBMXkid
    | Reply

    How old dose a rat needs to be before training

  32. rattielover13
    | Reply

    i got my rat the first week of february and tomorrow imgoing to train her(lucky).Now she’s snoring

  33. sumrsolo
    | Reply

    My one rat snatched the treat from my hand and ran away :( The other rat ran toward me, snuggled on my arm, and was like “Mommy I is scared of da floor okays?” :'(

  34. roses1475
    | Reply

    So cute! My kids are trying to teach their rats how to do this now lol

  35. Laura van der Worp
    | Reply

    I am also thinking about teaching one of my rats this trick, but I’m afraid they will do it all of the time, even though you don’t ask them to do it.

  36. RatLove1010
    | Reply

    My rats don’t follow my finger… How can I still teach them the trick?

    PS AWESOME song choice! It fits!

  37. Tankpaw54
    | Reply

    Dogs usually learn something and stick to it if use the hand movement they will usually learn to associate the command with the hand movement mostly because dogs are very focused they usually can only pay attention to only one thing, although rats are pretty high up in intelligence one of the 10 most intelligent.

  38. pon2oon
    | Reply

    Oh animal cruelty oh da HORROR!!!!!!!!

  39. sarahlynn conley
    | Reply

    My fancy rat vashiron loves to play tug a war lol

  40. LupDomnitor
    | Reply

    I taught my rat to do this and she did it everytime she came up to me to show me she wanted food, I didnt even give her a command or have food. Little fatass smart rat lol

  41. Stephi Irons
    | Reply

    YAy my rat did it

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