How to teach a pet rat the “Tunnel Fetch” trick

Whiskey and Womble take us through the steps to teaching a pet rat how to tunnel fetch (fetching a ball from a tunnel). This video is in response to several …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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29 Responses

  1. nabelleish
    | Reply

    Lol UB40

  2. tigerourus101
    | Reply

    How do I teach my rat tricks if she won’t take treats from me. And she is socialized but she just won’t eat from my hadn unless she is in her cage.

  3. ZooeeeHaallllll
    | Reply

    Omg, your rats are so cute ^.^ And the names Whiskey and Womble are pure genuis!

  4. FlyHard107X
    | Reply

    this doesnt have anything to do with the vid but do you know where to get coconut ropes that u can put in your ratties cages?

  5. AbbyIsMyWeim
    | Reply

    i want rats but my mom wont let me :p

  6. Lynxika
    | Reply

    Great video, I love it! I’ll be training this trick to my ratties soon, Thank you!!!

  7. Jone S
    | Reply

    no, sorry 🙂

  8. maiacakes12
    | Reply

    do you know how long it would take to train a pet rat to learn one of these tricks on command ?

  9. freshkoolhannah
    | Reply


  10. pinksweetcat25
    | Reply

    I cant seem to find a quick treat for my rattie boys to eat for training!! What treats did you use for your rats??

  11. David111132
    | Reply

    my rat gets the ball but she doesnt bring it to me even if i make a tunel or watever

  12. KeswickCamp08
    | Reply

    it has a bottom part the cant come off :p

  13. KeswickCamp08
    | Reply

    im using a lava lamp tube and ping pong ball!

  14. Iszzuan Nazim
    | Reply

    Hey, I wanna ask.. Why is it that when I tried to give treats to my rat when they’re outside from their cages, they wont eat?

  15. coopaing
    | Reply


  16. Jone S
    | Reply

    nicer rats! =) but i wonder did you buy both at same time? and are they boys, girls ore one of both. + wath do you use for tret

  17. awesomeO807
    | Reply

    awesome videos

  18. Riverstar1000
    | Reply

    how do you get the holes in the golf ball

  19. Budskee420
    | Reply

    Seriously, please keep making videos. You have a knack for it. ^^

  20. ibetthisishardtoread
    | Reply

    gorge280…try taking there food out for about 3 hrs and then teaching them with treats, that’s wut i did with my mice…

  21. Agelesslegend23
    | Reply

    I have 7 right now and my Russian blue hooded dumbo does alot of these already and recently learned to dance to this song lol

  22. 0rni0nd0
    | Reply

    My rats are too smart for that 🙁 they know I am giving it, so i put the ball in a glass,they take the ball i give them food, then i put ball back and they come to me for more. :(

  23. TheRipeMango
    | Reply

    What kind of treats do you give your rats?

  24. kant019
    | Reply

    ahahha tehy walking back so cute 🙂

  25. λεεκου είναι
    | Reply

    omg! x3 im going to teach my rat that im gona get after my hamsters babys are old enough to be sold (to many baby hamsters @.@ )

  26. nicklitt
    | Reply

    Ping pong balls also work well for this 🙂

  27. mealwormsworld
    | Reply

    after awhile do you still need to give it treats

  28. oPuPo
    | Reply

    Lol :) thank you

  29. sinslin
    | Reply

    can i get some fries with that shake. cool rats

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