How to teach a horse to kiss

instagram- forgethetrot. I will have to get some videos with bella soon.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. HorseLovers Equine
    | Reply

    Is your horse a pure bred Arabian Egyptian because purebreds don’t have
    dished faces. 

  2. FangirlEquestrain 12
    | Reply

    Is that a arbain?

  3. JacobMichaelC
    | Reply

    nice butt

  4. shirehorse7
    | Reply

    Really cool, i’d totally try to teach my horse (Whenever I get him/her) to
    do that.

  5. elizabeth desmonie
    | Reply


  6. Kylie Bitcon
    | Reply


  7. rosie lincoln
    | Reply

    really helpful to me thanks AMAZING !!!

  8. AlwaysAHorserider17
    | Reply

    I miss karma

  9. Kali Holt
    | Reply

    Karma is getting a little chuncky

  10. EnglishShowJumper200
    | Reply

    could you teach on how to teach aa horse on how to rear

  11. farmgirls03
    | Reply

    Yes. Karma was sold to an experienced Arabian owner.

  12. Someone :)
    | Reply

    I think that this is Karma but it was a video she took before she sold her

  13. Chloe Robinson
    | Reply

    That is so cute I’m gonna try this when I get my horse

  14. elbel1689
    | Reply

    Can you do how to tah a horse to drink out f a water bottle? like so she

  15. Melissa Patterson
    | Reply

    I just love your videos and all your horses and so karma was sold right 🙁

  16. horselovaaaa
    | Reply

    Can you do an updates video? 🙂

  17. robert
    | Reply

    Can u make a video of how to train a shy horse?

  18. AwesomeEquestrianVids
    | Reply

    Wait so she sold Karma?…

  19. Alina Helbling
    | Reply

    What is your job? You seem to be making a lot of money to be able to buy

  20. Melissa Patterson
    | Reply

    You said u took karma’s face isn’t that Moosa

  21. Justin Gray
    | Reply

    I only watched this cause if your big booty.

  22. Musiccheese321
    | Reply

    Awww Karma <3

  23. Bill Levins
    | Reply

    you look really beautiful

  24. CAF420ALLDAY7
    | Reply

    the comments are prices less lol..nice kiss

  25. Karah J
    | Reply

    Karma :*(

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