How to Teach a Cat to Walk on a Leash

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Give your indoor cat quality time outside by going for a walk.

Step 1: Use a harness and leash
Use a small, H-type harness that fits the cat, and a cotton or nylon leash. A harness fits if you can barely get a finger between the cat and the harness.

Step 2: Get the cat used to the harness
Get the cat used to the harness by putting it on them without buckling it.

Put the harness on the cat during playtime when the cat is more likely to be comfortable.

Step 3: Reward the cat
Reward your cat with plenty of treats and affection. Petting your cat during your training sessions will help your feline friend associate the harness with positive feelings.

Step 4: Buckle one loop
Continue putting the harness on the cat each day until the cat ignores it. After that, you can buckle one of the harness’s loops for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Build up to three loops
Build up to buckling the entire harness, one loop at a time. The process can take several months. Once your cat is comfortable with the harness completely buckled, let them walk around while wearing it.

Step 6: Add the leash
Add the leash when your cat is comfortable with the harness. Let them walk around with the leash for as long as it takes to get used to it.

Step 7: Go for practice walks
Go for practice walks around the house for a few days.

Step 8: Go for the first walk
Go for a walk when your cat is used to you holding the leash. Let them lead you on the first few walks. Bring treats along for encouragement.

Make sure it is quiet outside when you go for your walk. You don’t want your cat to get spooked.

Step 9:
[Tug the leash lightly] Tug the leash lightly to lead the cat on subsequent walks.

Step 10: Be patient
Be patient. Teaching a cat to walk on a leash takes time. Take the training process day by day, moving on to each step only when your cat is ready.

Did You Know?
Only 20% of pet cats are adopted from shelters.

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12 Responses

  1. Arabella Breezehand
    | Reply

    Yeah… I just put the harness on and went outside lOl for proof look on my channel but yeah…

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    This takes several MONTHS?

  3. robinchwan
    | Reply

    i don't really want to have my cat on a leash but since there are cars going by all day and night i can't.. and i want the cat to experience the outside so for the cat's sake i will do this!

  4. marcy devos
    | Reply

    🎶Walking My Cat Named Dog🎶🍁

  5. brookie beans
    | Reply

    This made my cat spray.

  6. Tom bomb
    | Reply

    This actually works with bigger cats like bobcats and even mountain lions.

  7. Karkittys
    | Reply

    My cat does backflips trying to get the harness off if I put it on him 🙁 he's deaf and can't go outside unsupervised but I want him to experience the outdoors

  8. 360SRH 2
    | Reply

    A "house cat" has the same instinct a tiger does, imagine a race of giant humans that keep tigers as indoor tigers forever, or walked them only on a leash never giving them freedom… Very sad what humans do to powerful animals :/

  9. DavionBlewz
    | Reply

    Whelp she did say you need patience

  10. Jenna Drawz
    | Reply

    What time you several months, toke me 5 monutes. Lol.

  11. I survived on memes
    | Reply

    All the 107 dislikes are the people who tried it

  12. Sanddox
    | Reply

    I have 2 problems with my 3 cats. They're afraid of outside and then, they don't like the leash. So even if I get them used to the leash, they won't go out anyway. I don't know what to do?!!

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