How To Teach a Cat to Lie Down and Roll Over on Command

After we posted the video of Cooper doing “roll over,” ( ) we received several requests from viewers on how to teach a cat to lie down on command….

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45 Responses

  1. Patty Hernandez
    | Reply

    Your cat is beautiful!!! :-)

  2. Naomi Topping
    | Reply

    I can’t get my cat to lay down. I’ve tried everything! Bribing her with
    treats, pushing a her down, a little bit of both… She just won’t do it.
    She’s super smart and knows Sit, Stay, Come, Fetch, Kiss, High Five, Finger
    touch(were she touches her nose to my finger)… I just can’t get her to
    lay down! have any thing else I could try?

  3. Heavenzknight
    | Reply

    nice socks

  4. roxhawet11
    | Reply

    ALL DONE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!! 🙂

  5. Melanie Lauterbach
    | Reply

    @18schnapps88 No. Kittens learn faster, but you can learn trick to older
    cats,too. My cat sora is 3 years now and he learn sit and lie down in a few
    weeks training. I think kittens are faster at learning, but it´s funny to
    show your friends, that your cat can do tricks like a dog. It´s really
    cool. And my cat love to learn. He is a house cat – american shorthair -mix

  6. zanipappa
    | Reply

    dear my little cat bits when it play with me and now it bits every tim it
    cum near my foot or hand plz help me i live in pakistan and there is no
    good trainer hear who i can ask soo plz help me i will bee waiting for us

  7. GoneFishing
    | Reply

    I think I’ve been trained by my cat. She goes to cupboard and meows…I
    open cupboard…She meows again…I get out a tin of food….She meows yet
    again….I put food in dish…etc etc. Clever these cats 🙂

  8. J WONG
    | Reply

    i cant get my kittie to do this !!

  9. katiekannibal23
    | Reply

    The one cat that I have successfully been able to train (my other two are
    far too stubborn) is too chubby to roll over on her own… Time for a diet!

  10. Boing Boing
    | Reply

    Your cat is adorable!!

  11. Jasmine C
    | Reply

    My cat is a male so every time i go to slightly roll him over he nips at my
    fingers ^-^ He’s owning me! T_T

  12. Megan Reynolds
    | Reply

    So cute! Haha sooo the trick to training a cat…… patience……and food

  13. Soulstrand
    | Reply

    this made me smile

  14. Jerome Salangad
    | Reply

    your cat is super duper cute !!

  15. Lolita Lexi
    | Reply

    What breed of cat is that? SOOO CUTE (:!!

  16. Enya S
    | Reply

    WOW thats awesome

  17. albeeinla
    | Reply

    @mercatorblue I was just wondering hte same thing – how does one do this
    when the cat is a senior. My cat can be quite stubborn (like me) 🙂

  18. MirroTea
    | Reply

    @123Pucca321 I like your face! ಠ_ಠ

  19. SnowLeopardKelli
    | Reply

    my cat rolls over right in front our feet as we are walking.

  20. Osuitea
    | Reply

    Cats are trainable and yet retain independent streak.

  21. cleapatra l
    | Reply

    thats good you love persians

  22. cookrealfood
    | Reply

    my cat never liked any of the treats i bought him! how am i supposed to do

  23. Arri
    | Reply

    she (??) is sooooo pretty!! epic cuteness!

  24. mercatorblue
    | Reply

    i tried this with my 14yo Maine Coon and she gave me a “you gotta be
    kidding” look <3

  25. Good Day Sir
    | Reply

    When I tried this with my cat he doesn’t want to do it. Neither with treats
    (doesn’t want to eat them either). My cat is a Persian. Is there any other
    way how I could teach him at least one trick ?

  26. Fliegerpode
    | Reply

    Nice video, you’re very kind to the cat. (; I teached my kitty how to sit
    in only a few hours of training. Is it that easy with most of the tricks
    like just laying down or rolling over? I mean… they do it naturally.

  27. Molly rideshorses
    | Reply

    you are great with yourr cat! and your cat is awesome! haha mine would do
    anything for a treat…..but he would rather just lie there and look at me
    like im the one who shits in a box

  28. Silpherdipherous
    | Reply

    That’s so amazing to me! XD What a smart kitty.

  29. yambo000
    | Reply

    My cats can catch their food.

  30. Youssif Waleed
    | Reply

    what kind of treats you use ??

  31. Kat S.
    | Reply

    super cute! thank you

  32. Helios
    | Reply

    @luuule1 i know ppls like my friend should be in jail

  33. vika4220
    | Reply

    what i should do if my cat is very angry and she always bites ant straches
    me… 🙁

  34. Piluttatingeling
    | Reply

    Oh my god , oh my god , oh my god !!!! I will travel from europe to the us
    , find your house and kidnap that cat.

  35. penelope
    | Reply

    if i put my hand on my kitty’s butt she would just scratch me

  36. gecko1800
    | Reply

    Mine is to old

  37. Schokoaarschiix3
    | Reply

    oh she is sooo beautiful *_*

  38. YousefGamer13
    | Reply


  39. conitof
    | Reply

    are u serious???

  40. cursedtelevision
    | Reply

    some kitties clearly understand better than others:). it was easy for me to
    teach fluffy to “look at me”….really quick she’s a maine coon JR, the
    ocicat, it’s harder…she’s younger…fluffy does this really odd
    thing…she gives high fives only if she really likes her petting…when
    it’s really good she gives high fives, but only then… i don’t know how or
    who taught her that… it’s strange…

  41. SoSo Trill
    | Reply

    @auntimami Amazing! STFU!

  42. TheLivsarven
    | Reply

    mine too xD

  43. cursedtelevision
    | Reply

    i really love your kitties and these wonderful videos.

  44. TheOmniCat
    | Reply

    thanks .. ill try it withe my cat

  45. Helios
    | Reply

    @violentphotography what do u mean?

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