How To Target Train Your Rabbit

How To Target Train A Bunny! Target Training Is When You Teach Your Rabbit To Follow A Certain Item (Pointer Stick) Which Then You Can Do All Kinds Of Tricks…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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9 Responses

  1. thelooming way
    | Reply

    Hi +stormyrabbits ! I’ve been wondering, what’s the use of the clicker? Why
    do you need to make that sound after your rabbit has successfully done that
    trick? Hope you read this and answer. Thanks! 🙂 (btw, your rabbits are

  2. TheReptile838
    | Reply

    Great video!! Really informative ;]
    I always wanted to try this is my rabbits but never actually got round to
    it. I did actually wonder about the age too as both my rabbits are 3 years
    old and I have had them all that time without doing this. I really should
    give it a try. I’d probably do it with Rex as he is a very active bunny and
    loves running around everywhere, where as my other rabbit, Harley, has
    always been slightly lazier and also he recently had his right hind leg
    amputated as he broke it so I don’t think that I should put him through
    trying to do that. I will defiantly give this a go with Rex though 🙂 He
    loves his treats especially carrots so I think this would go well =D

  3. Lexiespets101
    | Reply

    Do u think training them right when u get them, will help them respond
    better since they have been doing it since they were brought home?

  4. amy cassar
    | Reply

    I have both personalities energetic and lazy rabbits

  5. Victoria Koltchine
    | Reply

    You do very great videos! Great job, and keep it up!(: 

  6. LittleBlackFox_
    | Reply

    Binky at 1:30 <3 lol great vid !

  7. makayla henderson
    | Reply

    Please look at my account 

  8. BunnyCare502
    | Reply

    OMGness I love this video 

  9. Stormy Rabbits
    | Reply

    So Sorry For the non focus!

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