How to Target Train Your Ferret: Part 2

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Tho Tho Le says:

    Talk too much. .

  2. Emma Ayers says:

    Love it thank you so much it helped

  3. Satya Vaidya says:

    Hey I am going to get a ferret so I have some questions.
    How much will a decent side cage cost
    What treats will he eat and normal food
    How much does a clicker cost

  4. Dakota Greene says:

    Joey is sooooo cute He is amazing!

  5. Silan Polat says:

    Omg I'm getting my ferrets in 11 days wish me luck@@ :-D><:-S:-P !!!!!!!

  6. Lisette Patterson says:

    Of there smell so he said he doesn't't want a ferret even if i put it in a different room how do I convince my mom and dad?!?!? Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lisette Patterson says:

    Omg he is the best! But I was wondering if you could make a video on how to convince your parents or parent to let you have a pet ferret if you already have an other pet?! Like I want to get a ferret but I already have a hamster and same with my sister and we share a room and my dad doesn't like the hamsters because

  8. CC MYPLAYMATE says:

    wow he is so amazing!!!! i recently taught my little ferret lamby how to play dead hehe would love for you to check it out!! SMARTEST PET IN THE WORLD!! i would love for more people to know how amazing these animals can be!!

  9. xpgrinder64 says:

    Do u have any other ferrets

    And how old is joey?

  10. Chibi Sketchbook says:

    Do you have any other ferrets?

  11. Jisele and Piper says:

    Do you have any other ferrets

  12. Lyles 🐢 says:

    I've had an adrenal ferret so long I've forgotten how one acts without the constant scratching and biting.

  13. SimplyKeone says:

    He's so cute plz reply

  14. Landon Polk says:

    First view and comment

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