How to tame your winter white hamster

So I have been taming her after this video and I got her way way way more tamed comment down below to see if this video helped if it did not I will make a more in detailed video for u

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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17 Responses

  1. BurgerTuesday
    | Reply

    I have a critter trail xD lol

  2. Elayna Loss
    | Reply


  3. K rose
    | Reply

    Ugh mine just keeps nibbling and biting me and it gets harder everytime I try

  4. Adriana Sette
    | Reply

    Stop calling her “it”! It’s very annoying and not nice. It’s actually mean. OMFG STOP SAYING IT!!!! I WANNA KILL YOU UGHHHHHHHH SHUT THE HELL UP YOU STUPID FUCKING KID

  5. Oliva Rae
    | Reply

    You stole chocolatecolors26 name you just changed the number your trying to be her

  6. GalaxyKittyYum Love
    | Reply

    my hamster always bite when i put my hand into her cage she just run very FAST and stand up and BITE MEH FINGER and she keeps biting the cage -_-

  7. Janie Platt
    | Reply

    That’s dumb never take your hamster in a car except when you first get it. Just because your friends wants to see him doesn’t mean you have to take him with you

  8. theYT person
    | Reply

    For correct information of gaming and lots of basics about hamsters watch Victoria Raechel

  9. theYT person
    | Reply

    Your feeding your hamster too many treats it could lead to diabetes for dwarfs just a warning

  10. Jessica Dragan
    | Reply

    I just watched all 11:51 of this video

  11. Only Cherry
    | Reply

    what do i do if im scared of my hamster

  12. Layan
    | Reply

    That's a freakin campbell, like why do all people think it's a winter white? 😠

  13. Kate Lo
    | Reply

    You should not feel your hamster as much sunflower seeds. Winter Whites are very prone to diabetes so try feeding it one or two a day, but if u are taming then u can try a few, but ten is way too much. I had my robo dwarf for more then a month now, and he is very comfortable around me most of the time. Even if your hamster does not want to play or even eat on your hand then NEVER TRY TO FORCE IT AND PUT YOUR HAND CLOSER. It’s tempting to of course, but always remember hamsters have a mind of their own and may not be in a good mood that day. Try talking in a more quieter voice around it as well since they have sensitive hearing. I hope this helps you :]

  14. Eddy Girón
    | Reply

    This is the George Clooney of hamsters.

  15. Random _human:3
    | Reply

    Ok 1. Don't bring ur hamster to your friends it could get out and it would be there and it's very stressful for the hamster just being brought around like a accessory

  16. HammyHouse
    | Reply

    You need a bigger wheel

  17. XD_Blue octo clod
    | Reply

    I have the same set up used to tame him

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