How to tame your new rats ( step 5)

This step is mainly to do with free range, free range time enbales your rats to bond with you, and also gives them plenty of excercise, you should try spend …

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31 Responses

  1. Morgan Diefenderfer
    | Reply

    My mom’s experience with her rat,and its not cruel because you don’t NEED 2 rats . And I researched rats for 2 weeks befor I got my 1 RAT Jamie

  2. sticky2208
    | Reply

    There is an amazing video on youtube called – Pet Rats- why it’s important to have 2 or more….. please watch it.

  3. sticky2208
    | Reply

    I had 8 and they got on with both each other and me very well…. Where are you getting this information from??? I have never heard anything like it! To advise someone to get only 1 rat is cruel if i’m honest, Have you even seen how rats interact with each other?? maybe you should do some research on them.

  4. Morgan Diefenderfer
    | Reply

    And if u get 2 they will bond with each other and not u

  5. Morgan Diefenderfer
    | Reply

    Sorry I’m right my mom had 1 rat it lived for 6 years and that rat was the best rat ever and to dispopular belief rats won’t go crazy just because their Alone

  6. sticky2208
    | Reply

    and you should always get at least 2 rats… you cant groom or snuggle your rats while sleeping and you cant play in the same way rats do… humans don’t compare to another rat for affection, not sure where you are getting your advice from :S but its completely wrong i’m afraid

  7. sticky2208
    | Reply

    Males can be together

  8. sticky2208
    | Reply

    Yes you should get 2 rats and yes they should be the same gender 🙂 Doesn’t matter if they are male or female.. each sex has a different personality though, girls are more playful and boys are slightly lazy 🙂 you should read up on what sex would suit you better.

  9. Morgan Diefenderfer
    | Reply

    @LukeStarSmasher 2 females can be together but not 2 males and no u don’t need 2 rats if u spend aLOT of time with them

  10. LukeStarSmasher
    | Reply

    Do you NEED 2 rats and can they be the same gender?

  11. smargaret11
    | Reply

    To help get them used to being outside their cage, I recommend housing it on top of a table/desk with lots of room for them to walk around, and putting out boxes and treats for the to check out. Then just leave the door open and let them explore at their leisure. However, make sure it’s at least around 3ft high so they don’t get tempted to jump to the floor.

  12. crazygamer47
    | Reply

    He pooed not really naughty just joking.

  13. FlyingBatWithNoWingz
    | Reply

    ?not naughty?

  14. Macy Sullivan
    | Reply

    How long did it take you to get this far with your rats? Btw I love the music and your top!

  15. Howling Wolf
    | Reply

    i have know where to put the rats when i get them i can’t put them on my bed or they would fall of i can’t put them on my floor or they will go under the door and the bathrooms are too small all i have is a pen i held my puppy in im probally going to do that but im sure if its big enough

  16. Howling Wolf
    | Reply

    wheres step two!? i really really want to see it its been like what three years i really want to see it please make part 6:)

  17. Alexandra Rodriguez
    | Reply

    This song is very sad 🙁 You should put a more happy one plz 😀
    Nice Videos BTW…

  18. crazygamer47
    | Reply

    2:46 naughty rat

  19. Repti Jon
    | Reply

    i just got 2 rats yesterday and they are pretty comfortable coming out would you have any tips on what is a good treat i can make at home for them

  20. Miki the Panda
    | Reply

    Thanks. The issue with our bathroom is that there’s a small gap behind the toilet which leads underneath the bath tub, so that’s a no-no. I’ve managed to tame them pretty well by leaving the cage open and offering some treats each day (Though they’re still too shy to stray too far away from it), and now every day at 7 o clock they’re already waiting for their play time 🙂

    Thanks for your tutorial, it really helped! 😀

  21. Mineav
    | Reply

    Take them to a room that you can easily keep them ‘sealed in’, and has few hazards or hiding places that would be hard to get them out of. The bathroom is usually a pretty good room for this, as long as it’s relatively clean. Or even the bathtub (just don’t put any water in it). Put some toys and stuffed animals or whatever in the bathtub, and put them both in it. After a while, hop in the tub with them with you sitting at one end, and they’ll come up to you and get used to you real quick.

  22. Miki the Panda
    | Reply

    Yiruma 🙂

  23. Miki the Panda
    | Reply

    I have 2 pet rats (Have had them for about a week) and one is already confident enough to sit on my lap however I’m scared to take both of them out at the same time in case one of them runs off and I have to take my eyes off the other one. Any tips?

  24. Sarah Brown
    | Reply

    its river flows into you – yirma or something like that

  25. KnittingPasta
    | Reply

    nice song, but might want to use a different song after a couple videos

  26. 182BIGmac
    | Reply

    awesome vid but you posted this more than 2 yrs ago and i can’t find step 6 anywhere if anyone else finds it it would be soo great if you could give me a link to it thanks!!

  27. Simgirlpro7
    | Reply

    thanks for the advice… 🙂

  28. Gaurir5
    | Reply


  29. Idonotwanttobeafraid
    | Reply

    How long did it take you to tame them ? I’ve been trying to tame my two new girls, but even after two weeks they’re scared and afraid of everything and I just don’t know what to do. Do you have tips? (or anyone else, if you’re reading this..)

  30. Brash90
    | Reply

    nice boobies!! 😀

  31. tigerourus101
    | Reply

    I just got new rats. They have no names. They are 2 girls. One is a beige hooded and the other is a black hooded. Any ideas for names? And also I think the beige one is sick she squeaks whenever i touch her. Is that because she’s scared? They are both shy but she is skittish…really skittish. I rescued these 3 month sisters from being snake lunch. Their siblings didn’t make it. They don’t scent mark me at all, but when I get them into my lap they are fine and act like my other rats. Help?

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