How to tame your new rats ( step 1 )

PLEASE NOTE** the cage used in all of my step video’s is only tempory ­čÖé the boys are in it untill they get neutred, and then they will be living in the b…

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30 Responses

  1. talktalktalktalktalk
    | Reply

    Buy them at same´╗┐ time. They’ll bond better and your rat will get very lonely alone.

    Rats are very social so being alone even for a few weeks will be bad for them.

    Some rats might get aggressive if they’re when in contact with a stranger.

  2. Nikola Sudolowicz
    | Reply

    Amazing video :)´╗┐ BTW what’s the song/tune called ?

  3. Babouyou
    | Reply

    Was´╗┐ he a double mink? He looks like my Lutine… Miss her so much …!

  4. PrInCeSsRaquelletje
    | Reply

    I need some tips, my two new pet rats are taking food from my hands, but one of the two started biting in my fingers every time´╗┐ i put my hand in the cage, not so hard that it starts bleeding but it sure does hurt. I do not flinch or anything like that. The other rat is curious and investigates my hands without any biting. Tips ?

  5. xio lara
    | Reply

    Liquid is better at first. THEN move to solids.´╗┐

  6. solensure
    | Reply

    My rAt hid behind his wheel for a day then I picked up watched tv with him and I guess he was cold cause. I´╗┐ put him in my pocket and he wouldn’t come out. I play with barbies I put him in yay doll houses aNd he loved them 2 seventh later he loved me

  7. TheLesExit
    | Reply

    What did you´╗┐ do?

  8. Susan Ruth
    | Reply

    Thank you bunches and instead of´╗┐ yogurt, can I use small treats?

  9. beckio1234
    | Reply

    im so sorry for your loss, they´╗┐ are beautiful ­čÖé

  10. Tigerheart08
    | Reply

    Omg thank you for the visual after you say each step. That helped a lot! Were those rats in the vid.´╗┐ new? they seemed a little shy

  11. Katie Thomas
    | Reply

    aw you have two handsome boys. thanks for the video. I have three girls and one of them is best friends with the resident´╗┐ pitbull. ^^

  12. scourge diaz
    | Reply

    Mean rat´╗┐ not eat

  13. scourge diaz
    | Reply

    I tried´╗┐ this with my new eat and it just pooped when I did it

  14. kmarshirley
    | Reply

    If you already had success with your rats and training then why watch the video? Are you so bored with your life´╗┐ that you have to go on YouTube and make negative comments on a video where someone is obviously trying to help those that need to train new rats. I don’t tell you that you wasted my time bc I read your comment. BTW you are very welcome that 3:29 was wasted from your life, probably the best 3:29 minutes of your life! Thank you sticky2208 for taking your time to try and help ppl, kudos.

  15. jodi183
    | Reply

    Very cute little rat. I just had to put one of mine down earlier this year. They’re such fun and loving little pets–too bad they don’t live a few years longer! ´╗┐

  16. abby3031
    | Reply

    Your rat´╗┐ is really adorable ­čÖé

  17. Timothy Leary
    | Reply

    I watched these videos when i got my first pair of rats and they were the best rats ever, I progressed slowly with them as the video instructs and about 3 days later they were my best friends in the world. I love them still and now come back to this video to get a refresher course with a´╗┐ new pair of rats. thank you for the video

  18. TheWorldOfOddities
    | Reply

    this music makes´╗┐ me depressed.. everytime i here sad music i think of mynrat Oreo, my first rat I ever had pass… and it makes me cry everytime a here music like that…

  19. rosa Riggins
    | Reply

    Thank you this worked on my new baby feeder rat I saved 3´╗┐ months ago. He did not like humans because the place we got him from held them by their tails and rats tails are way to fragel. Since they did that, we have to put anobiotic cream on his tail, it has way to may hurt spots.

  20. rosa Riggins
    | Reply

    my rat recentaly´╗┐ died I know how you fell

  21. sticky2208
    | Reply

    I don’t know who´╗┐ or what that is so not inappropriate at all ­čÖé

  22. janas19
    | Reply

    I know this may sound inappropriate, but I think you should have Stefan from SNL narrate´╗┐ your video lol

  23. YaTaSay
    | Reply

    OH will check out the animal rescue places first if we do decide on getting´╗┐ on…thnx

  24. YaTaSay
    | Reply

    Such a moving video… I’ve seen people with these little guys…but i first must consder the cat we have them… I am glad´╗┐ there are these teaching videos..i wish more people would get informed before getting any companion animal..i have rescued for 11 years..our kittys are rescue.. they are mature but I still need to learn the “cat – rat” companion factor…thanks

  25. Howling Wolf
    | Reply

    thanks for the info!:) im going to get two males in stead of one on Sunday YAY!:)´╗┐ and thanks for uploading these videos they relly helped:)

  26. sticky2208
    | Reply

    You can but it is better to buy them both at the same time ­čÖé Makes it easier for them to settle in and you cant guarantee that they will get´╗┐ a long if you buy them sepertley, If you do decided to buy them at different times, you have to go through a ‘intro’ process, I suggest that you buy them both at the same time, Will be better for both you and the rats ­čÖé

  27. Howling Wolf
    | Reply

    im going to probally get a rat on sunday but im not sure about because i really want a rat to´╗┐ care for but i was wondering if you could get the rat at different times because i want to get two males since rats are so social and i don’t wont them to fight so can you get the rats at different times or no

  28. 236nala
    | Reply

    nvm i found´╗┐ the song

  29. 236nala
    | Reply

    What is the music i´╗┐ must know and this is a good helping video RIP Leo and Leeroy

  30. hansendesigns
    | Reply

    This is advice for petstore rats. If you buy from a breeder they will already´╗┐ be socialized.

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