How to Tame your Hamster

Hope this video helps you! Filming and editing this took a while, so please comment “Hamsters” along with some feedback i you watched!! Hamster Care Website:…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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26 Responses

  1. Bella Mullen
    | Reply

    My hamster wont stop biting!!! What should i doooooooooooo

  2. Hamster Biz
    | Reply

    I used the bathtub method by CC26 and I am doing every day after school with my male ruby eyed dove banded syrian hamster Tofu!!

  3. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Thanks! Im so glad :)

  4. Little Mary
    | Reply

    Great video 🙂 It really helped me ^_^

  5. Biscuitandneil
    | Reply

    Alright I won’t say any more

  6. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    yep. like i said i dont wish to discuss it much

  7. Biscuitandneil
    | Reply

    lol the Cory Monteith story is very sad! I feel bad for his family, friends and fans :.( Very very saddening … D:

  8. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply


  9. Biscuitandneil
    | Reply

    lol you’re welcome sir Chubs XD

  10. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Aw! He says thanks 🙂

  11. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Google him. I dont wish to talk about it.

  12. Biscuitandneil
    | Reply

    Chubs is my favorite of your hamsters!

    I wish I was his godfather so I could send him chews and stuff in the mail. ^_^ lolz

  13. Biscuitandneil
    | Reply

    Megan who’s Cory Monteith?

  14. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Thanks :)

  15. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    aw 🙂 Oh im sorry 🙁

  16. ohana hammy
    | Reply

    Btw adorable hamsters

  17. ohana hammy
    | Reply

    Awwww that looks like my old hamster Bella she died from a bad teeth condition her teeth were curdled and pinched the roof of her mouth so she stopped eating

  18. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply


  19. ohana hammy
    | Reply


  20. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Idk, maybe in december, but i dont really have a lot of extra cash for a giveaway

  21. mika andhaelie
    | Reply

    when are you gonna have contest?

  22. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Thank you! Im so glad I was help you and your hammy! Anytime! <3 🙂

  23. comickitty
    | Reply

    Great Video. I have a very scary hamster which we got not knowing she was pregnant(she had babies 2 days after we got her!). No one has ever been able to hold her or even touch her and I think your instructions will help greatly. Thanks.

  24. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Thanks! ya it was but worth it! I have 3 🙂 Its ok!

  25. KrazyKayKayx3
    | Reply

    I hope your 800 subbies get here soon! 🙂
    I bet it was hard to switch.
    Best of luck! <3
    And this video was great!
    l love Chubs and Darby! 😀
    I you have 2 or 3 hamsters? 😛
    I Have bad memory....sorry xD

  26. mika andhaelie
    | Reply

    your welcome you should come chek out my channel i only have one subscriber

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