How to Tame Your Hamster

Hello! This is a basic guide on how to tame your hamster. Peanut is my main model for this video, since Pip is usually asleep when I film. 😉 Enjoy!

Link to Miss Hamster’s channel:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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29 Responses

  1. Commander Cracker
    | Reply


  2. Mia Trapper
    | Reply

    I made it 200 with my one like

  3. Maddie Zoahleh
    | Reply

    Mine was okay at 1 dat

  4. Ratchet Mommy
    | Reply

    Your hamster looks like mine and his name is peanut too!

  5. Sophie McDonald
    | Reply

    My hamster is named Peanut! She is a Robo dwarf hamster! 😀

  6. Kellykulasa
    | Reply

    Is Peanut a boy or a girl?

    | Reply

    Every time I try to do that, my hamster will just run up to my hand and try to bite. What should I do?

  8. Wolfie Playz
    | Reply

    There's no point in doing this. I kept messing with me hamster when I first got it.

  9. Cadence Moon
    | Reply

    AWWW it looks exactly like my hamster, im pretty sure they are both dwarf hamsters. I got one just like her at the pet store last year, I was going to name her snowball because she looks like a snowball when she sleeps. Instead I decided to name her Sweetiepie Snowball Moon. I named her sweetie pie because when my mom was a little girl she had a hamster and her name wa cutiepie, and my last name is Moon.

  10. Nikkibopper
    | Reply

    If your hamster is scared of you and won’t do any of the tips what would you do?

  11. I’m a cat lover. Thank you for reading this Hi
    | Reply

    She sounds just like me!

  12. Georgina Winton
    | Reply

    Little tip:get another wheel otherwise your hamsters could get hurt xx

  13. Georgina Winton
    | Reply

    Thank you this helped loads xx reacently got to new baby hamsters and they don’t bite me because I’ve tamed them 💕💖

  14. Cottonheaded Ninny Muggins
    | Reply

    thanks for the great tips!!!

  15. Munchkin Tv
    | Reply

    Your hamster looks just like mine! 🙂

  16. pepper4805
    | Reply

    lol, peanut is the name of my Robo!

  17. WinterTheHamster 1800
    | Reply

    Very helpful! I was trying to give food from my hamster’s normal dish with her everyday diet. No other “Taming Hamster Videos” told me that I should give treats instead . Thank you!

  18. It’s Oli!
    | Reply

    At 1:18 it says p##is ewwww

  19. Jaelynne MandujanoRojas
    | Reply

    Is that a robo hamster?

  20. Ideffix_Cat22
    | Reply

    Thank you💕☯🎉🐹🐹🐹💖

  21. Sophia Rashid
    | Reply

    I have a hamster called peanut that looks exactly like him

  22. Hamster Police
    | Reply

    i DIED when they got in the same wheel SO CUTE

  23. prett princess
    | Reply

    what kind of hamster is it

  24. Kathleen Chiasm
    | Reply

    Hamsters nibble your hand to test if it's something they can eat. It normally doesn't hurt but since my new hamster bubbled my hand one morning.. It discouraged me from handling him again. But! I found the difference between bubble and bite. If a hamster bites you, it is more likely that blood will be drawn. Luckily, hamsters only nibble to test and not bite.

  25. Littlest cherry
    | Reply

    If they're in their hide away and want to check on them can I lift just the lid of it a little to check on them

  26. Tiza Mayangpuspa
    | Reply

    wow even for robo do we really need to multiply their accecories dan needs?

  27. Aryadnie -
    | Reply

    Peanut is beautiful <3

  28. Malachi Mendez
    | Reply

    1 dumb never do that called choking

  29. Jasper The Sweet Summer Child
    | Reply

    tried to go to that channel and it dose not exsist any more

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