Taming a hamster can be easy! Follow these steps to have a friendly and loving hamster!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. It’s Stella says:

    Omg that's so funny! I got my hamster on July 11th 2016 and that hamster looks just like mine. Lol

  2. Maddy Bates says:

    your hamster is the cutest one i have ever seen, is she a long haired syrian?

  3. Keep making videos!!!

  4. Hamster Loverka says:

    I'm so sad because my hamster died today 😭 I had him only 4 days 😭 he was sick 😥 I miss him so much and I'm crying while writing this comment 😭😭

  5. person 123 says:

    Awww this video is very helpfull

  6. person 123 says:

    Omg poppy is such a cutie! I always wanted a hamster that pattern!💜🐹😍

  7. Fins and Fur says:

    Great video

  8. Halloween pumpkin Angels says:

    Great tips and Poppy is adorable

  9. This really helped!

  10. Victoria Ann says:

    This was actually super helpful! Please post an update or another video about taming!!

  11. PetKeeper 323 says:

    you should do another pet room tour

  12. japricia decoteau says:

    What kind of hamster is she?

  13. My hamster bit me when I tried this. I washed my hands and everything. She's a Syrian.

  14. You have great tips! You've earned a new subscriber! With your tips, my hamster will be tamed fairly easily now! :)

  15. poppy is such a cutie!! great tips :)

  16. stella bats says:

    first ♡ omg she's so cute ❤😍😭

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