How to Tame Your Bird/Make them like you more! (feat. Sun Conure & Severe Macaw)

HOW TO TAME YOUR BIRD AND MAKE THEM LIKE YOU! Here are tips that worked for me! Let me know more in the comments if you have any!!
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5 things in your house that can KILL your pet bird!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Bean TurtleXGaming says:

    What if the area that has the most people has 5 dogs in it…?

  2. The Holy Bagel says:

    What do I do if the family room is next to the kitchen

  3. Ai Koide Rakdee says:

    Can you do a video about potty training your bird because my mom is terrified of bird poo and my bird literally poops everywhere.Is it because I just bought it yesterday?

  4. Wolflover456 says:

    What if its a really big cage to big to be inside?

  5. Cup Cookie says:

    Where do all these people buy birds? Birds are exspensive!

  6. Cup Cookie says:

    If you want to teach your Bird to step up, go to Flock-Talk, she also has a bunch of tricks to teach them.

  7. Jungkook Maknae says:

    Friend: I hate when my bird screams its so annoying

    Me: Is screaming (attempting to sing) with my birds

  8. termenugg G says:

    thank you so much, my right bird has gotten me the perfect bird

  9. The Fionna Diaries says:

    I can't put my bird in my living room Bc my dog will probably kill it. Should i just keep her in my room? I do have friends over often ???

  10. Tully's Irish Pub says:

    I just got a parrot name ark and biscuits and I tame them but u help a lot

  11. I have two conures for about 3 months one of them takes food out of my hand but doesn't step up, however the other one just constantly runs away. Can anyone pls give some tips on how to get them to step up

  12. Charitee Justice says:

    I absolutely love and adore your animals; and as a former bunny rescue thank you for having your precious Flemmy!!!!!! I currently have a foster rescue kitty who is pregnant and am a singer/songwriter who is also in Michigan!!! Maybe once I get more followers, I can feature you on my channel!!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!!

  13. im a weirdo says:

    I'm scared that my green cheek conure is starting to bond with my mom instead of me. What should I do to make sure he warms up to me instead?

  14. freakadorable Bonbon666 says:

    I'm going to get a cockatiel in a month

  15. Deracada Venom says:

    My mom hates my birds because of how loud they are. So she wants to move them to an isolated place. Im losing the argument, any tips for explaning why she should not?

  16. Deracada Venom says:

    I had just taken that quiz. like it was still open on my computer kind of just took it.

  17. MoonLighttXx says:

    My family room is very close to the kitchen. Like we don't have a door to our kitchen so the bird will definitely have cooking fumes up it's little nose. What should I do? I have him in my room right now, but I'm not sure if that's the best place.

    Also I have 2 wrottweilers and there……. very……. interested in my bird so I wouldn't be able to take him out of the cage or he would get chomped, that is another reason why he is in my room

  18. Peyton Barker says:

    It’s pretty easy to tame a bird

  19. Courtney Carroll says:

    I have a severe macaw, a sun conure, a gold cap conure, a cinnamon conure, a black hooded conure, two parrotlets, a greater sulfur cockatoo and two cockatiels.

    My love of birds is recent for me, most of the birds listed are my parents, I only personally own three of the conures. I love conures, I think they are great pets, thank you for the tips though. My cinnamon is a newer addition, he is super aggressive and mean to me, I think it is because he was slightly abused by the pet store that I got him from.

    Do you have any tips for a bird that has a gender preference? Our severe macaw is aggressive toward women and it was fine in the beginning because my dad was home more, but he works a lot now. Iggy (Severe macaw) likes me a lot, he talks the most to me and sings to me, but I cannot touch him at all. We’ve had him for eight years and I’d like him to be as happy as possible, I think he’d like it better if I could get him out of his cage. But when his cage is open, he tries to attack us all…so tips welcome!

  20. The Veggie Gamer says:

    Wait I have a vegan question: would you like drink milk or dairy if the cows, etc were kept in a natural habitat and treated perfectly?

  21. Mikeru Morino says:

    Haha, I remember when I first got my quaker, he and his wife were really scared and I had a little breakdown, because I thought I made a mistake. I ignored Chronos for like a month, only letting him out and putting his food next to me and now he is a little less scared. I mean, being extra careful would not have been the right thing for him😄 I only put fresh fruits and veggies in his cage and have the pellets as treats for when he comes to me😄

  22. SheepJesus says:

    I really don't have a problem with the first one, but I really want to get a bird. So I've been looking into it. However.. I have two cats, and 4 dogs. So, I don't know what to do and if that exactly safe..

  23. Aaaww you are so cute =D

    Ooh and bird is cute to =D

  24. Cadence The Sloth says:

    We got a rescue budgie but it's terrified of hands. What do I do?

  25. Chico The Green Cheek Conure says:

    My bird is a fancy green cheek conure and he bites me any time I put my hand near him no matter what I do I looked up a bunch of different ways to stop it and nothing worked

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