How to tame a budgie easily !

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Taming your parakeet is not difficult and it can take up lots of your time. If you wish to tame your parakeet you must know you are in for a commitment during and after the process of taming. A tamed parakeet will seek your attention and you will be required to spend time with it daily. Many owners do not realize how demanding such a small parrot can be. If you plan on working late hours, or traveling, it is recommended you keep two or more budgies and avoid taming. A tamed parakeet can easily develop psychological problems if you fail to meet its emotional demands. Most parakeets are monogamous, which means they mate for life. Because of this, they will wish to interact with you as must as possible.

To start the process, you need to let your parakeet settle into its new home. A nervous parakeet needs time to adjust and needs time to understand its surroundings. He also needs to locate its food and water dishes, reduce his anxiety, and feel secure and confident about his environment. This usually takes around two weeks. A good sign the budgie is feeling comfortable in its environment is how it acts. A nervous and unsure Budgerigar will sit frozen on its perch. Before the taming process can begin it is important you are able to see the parakeet feels secure about its environment. This means the parakeet will not flutter or show signs of intimidation while you are in its room (It will go about its business while you are present).

Placing the budgie in a busy room is ideal to start the taming process. Many times budgies are placed into quiet rooms upon their arrival, but if you look at the bigger picture this technique seems to be counterproductive. A budgie that has been separated will have to readjust to humans and this causes excessive stress. A busy room will help speed the taming process and will help the parakeet understand that humans are not predators. In a sense, you are conditioning him for human interaction.

Once the parakeet has learned to accept your presence and it is active around you, you can start to gently open the cage door and place your hand inside the cage. This needs to be done consistently and regularly throughout the day until the parakeet can handle your hand inside the cage. During this processes of taming, avoid eye contact and sudden movements. The parakeet may flutter around the cage but do not react. This exercise needs to be done until the parakeet shows no fear of your hand. It can take weeks or days. Just be consistent and practice doing this.

Once the parakeet can confidently deal the presence of your hand inside its cage, gently take your finger and try to make the parakeet step up on your finger. Most parakeets will jump and cling to the cage bars. Try to position your finger below the breast line and gently push up. It is important you not jerk your hand back during this stage. If you have a fear of getting bitten, then use a dowel. The parakeet needs to step up on your finger and needs to remain there for a while. Again, this needs to be practiced until the parakeet can do this without hesitation.

If your bird is stepping up on your finger inside its cage, then slowly try to coax him outside the cage while he is on your finger. Do not be surprised if the parakeet decides to quickly head for a perch or the cage bars. Just continue trying to coax him outside the cage. Once out, you can take the parakeet into a room that is not familiar, such as a small bathroom, While in this unfamiliar room, try giving your parakeet a treat. You might try step ups or just gently holding him on your finger while you recite nursery rhymes. During this process keep your voice soothing and mellow.

This needs to be done several times a day and within weeks your parakeet will start to come around. make sure to make it feel like everything going to be okay.

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  1. Sasmita Mishra
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    Can we cuddle .. a budgie .. becaze threy brite when cudle….

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    Nice video Steve erkel

  3. homemade films
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    you look like lol

  4. Alyssa PERKS
    | Reply

    my budgie always bites me if i dont have a treat, and i have already tried all of the methods! but if i have a treat she wont bite! What do i do????

  5. Kaeleigh Miller
    | Reply

    My budgie just won't take a treat from me or step on my hand😞 I've had him for two months and he's not afraid of me, but I can't seem to get him past this stage.

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    0:29 Nice cut u skinny bitch

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    My parakeet she’s nibbles but that’s still disrespectful

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    my budgies are friendly but scared a bit I could only touch them on the tail

  9. SonOfTiamat
    | Reply

    My bird is extremely scared of hands. Im able to pet him only with my chin nose lips but as soon as he sees a hand he freaks out. He also talks and comes when called. Sometimes he takes baths in my hands but bites them while bathing. How can i get him to not be scared of hands anymore. I think his fear comes from the pet shop when they would cut his wings it would require grabbing him

  10. craft9
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    sparky come here let's go took 50 times

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    One time I had 2 finches and one day the finch wasn't feeling well and died, but the other finch didn't wanna leave it side
    So what it did was die too.

  12. TwolfOfficial
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    This helped ALOT thanks

  13. Geraldine Mendoza
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    day two and I can hold my budgies tummies , I hope it will progress more from there 🙂

  14. Hunter jolink games
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    Everyone listen there is no easy way it will just take longer I would stick to just the normal way

  15. Rahima Chy
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    My budgies hate me why? They are very afraid of me

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    thank you for advice

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    my budgie is soooooo nooob my budgie also hate every thing 😀 😀

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    That intro was cringe

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  20. Alyssa PERKS
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    uuggh if i put my hand near my budgie, she will just bite me and will not let go!!!!! How can i tame heerr???

  21. 9GS Collects
    | Reply

    I have a really open house (no windows) won't they fly away when i train them??? Or do i have to train them in a really closed room which is the doors and windows are locked?

  22. pat1981lux
    | Reply

    How do I get a budgie that is afraid of me, out of its cage without grabbing it?

  23. Mia
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    But how do you take out your budgie without scaring it?

  24. leah mccrory
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    I had two budgies I got a real old one and it died in a month and now I have polly the same one as your blue one

  25. Liv Sherman
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    My budgie won’t let me hold her I’ve had her for three years too

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