How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Dogs And Make Them Comfortable

By Jerry Brecken

Humans used to take care only of themselves and their loved ones. Now, people have realized that one’s protection and pampering can go beyond the usual sphere and can even extend to other non-human entities such as animals or pets. The human empathy has reached to the limit that individuals now think that whatever makes a person comfortable will most likely make animals comfortable too.

Such kind of empathy can be seen in cases where dog owners tend to their pregnant pet dogs and provide their immediate needs. On top of these needs is to make sure that your pregnant dogs are as comfortable as possible. The requirements for your pregnant dog’s comfort can be as simple as keeping it healthy and providing a well-made dog bed. Although, there are currently numerous varieties of dog beds available in the market, choosing one is not that hard to do as long as you know what your dog really needs.

The following are some helpful tips to keep in mind when taking care of your pregnant dogs and making them comfortable:

1. Note that pregnant dogs are susceptible to vaginal discharges that oftentimes make them feel irritable and less comfortable. So always keep your dog in a cushy place such as a well-made dog bed where comfort and relaxation can be best achieved. The dog, due to its condition, will most likely stay at one place during its pregnancy period. As such, it is better if your chosen dog bed product provides the exact comfort that your dog needs.

2. Ensure your pregnant dog’s health by providing nutritional food and supplemental vitamins that are accordant to the veterinarian’s designated food and vitamin intake. However, be careful because there are certain food and vitamins that are dangerous for pregnant dogs. You can also provide your dog with deworming, heartworm preventive, and flea control through the wide selection of parasite control products available today.

3. Prevent your pregnant dog from catching diseases by separating it from other dogs and keeping it in a protected and guarded area. This will provide not only protection and sanctuary for your pregnant dogs, but comfort as well. Also keep the place clean to reduce further possibilities of catching any disease.

4. Keep your dog in good shape by giving regular exercises such as long walks in the park or a game of catch. These regular exercises should keep your dog fit and be prepared for its coming labor, thereby avoiding instances where difficulties are often met by obese pregnant dogs.

5. Choose a place in your home where there are less household activities and house routes are seldom taken. This is to make sure that your dog will not be disturbed from its rest. Also, when it comes to your dog’s sleeping regime, make your pregnant dog extra comfortable by providing a dog bed that best suits its condition and needs.

Jerry Brecken writes for, a consumer guide to helping you select and buy pet supplies such as dog beds for your dog’s needs.

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