How to stop your hamster biting you

Before you comment all the random dumb comments just look at yourself and think “am I being stupid is this fake”the answer is yessssss the hamster is not in the box when I cello tape it shut 🎻 it’s thought the magical mystery of editing il wait I minute for you to google that…………………………… done………no ok il wait a bit more😒………………………………..finally it’s not real please don’t hate me I love my hamster and wouldn’t kill it and also it’s not real blood it’s just non harmful colouring and a weird substance called water …………wow……………

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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28 Responses

  1. nouf albarrak
    | Reply

    Animal abuse

  2. Arlette Madrigal
    | Reply

    You dout have to be so rude to us we’re not dumb so be more nice ok pls by the way nice editing

  3. Matthew Wilson
    | Reply

    You are such an animal cruelty person

  4. Emma Bearteet
    | Reply

    Ass whole😡

  5. Asha Sherwood
    | Reply

    Why was it bleeding

  6. Amelia’s Fun
    | Reply

    I was horrified because I thought it was true 😦

  7. Rachel Grant
    | Reply

    This is abuse

  8. Freya Lea
    | Reply


  9. Sofia Leschiu
    | Reply

    Why would you put him in a box 😮😡😲😲😡😡!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Princess Pumpkin
    | Reply

    My hamster is so cute and so sweet

  11. sebastian yordi
    | Reply

    2:00 wats that red stuff!!!😰OMG

  12. sebastian yordi
    | Reply

    Ur gonna suffocate it!!!😰

  13. A Nice Day HVAC and Appliance Repair
    | Reply


  14. Breanna Rodriguez
    | Reply


  15. David Kacsan
    | Reply

    This is so fake if it isn't this person is abusive I have a hamster and even mine would bite me I wouldn't drop it out a window I would just take my hamster shame on you if you tried this or liked it but I know at the end it says no harm to hamsters or whatever but she still put it in a box :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-( if you agree then like my comment

  16. ashley eira mendoza
    | Reply

    im angry to you. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  17. Galaxy cupcake G
    | Reply

    I will tell the boss of youtube

  18. Uniroxer 2018
    | Reply


  19. sinead fylan
    | Reply

    You are mean little shit!!!!!!!!!! I will reported you right now

  20. Solal Vergara
    | Reply

    My god that was helpful thank you so much he never bit me again

  21. Lillegutt111
    | Reply

    You ar a sykophath🤬😡🖕🏻

  22. Rebel Friend
    | Reply

    Worked for me he fell asleep but he had like ketchup or something

  23. George Prothero
    | Reply

    I like did vid it's cool

  24. Razb GT
    | Reply

    Its Fake She/he Didnt even throw the hamster away she/he removed it before

  25. cool Lani
    | Reply

    You Bad😤🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓

  26. Amy Moon
    | Reply

    at first I thought this was real lol!

  27. Geovani Alvarenga
    | Reply

    Yoouuu sonama bitch

  28. katie wolfy
    | Reply


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