How To Stop your Dog from BITING on a Leash!

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32 Responses

  1. JustOneLadySam
    | Reply

    Teaching dog not to lick you especially on the face. Thanks

  2. pillsberrydoughgirll
    | Reply

    My dog does this and he’s almost two….He doesn’t take correction very
    well though. If you tell him no, or even something like ah-ah, he gets very
    defensive and starts barking straight back at you. He also jumps on us and
    bites the back of our legs which hurts a lot! He’s part Australian Shepherd
    and Part Husky, and the Husky in him is very dominant. The Aussie in him
    doesn’t allow us to run with him because he will start jumping on us and
    biting us. He has a lot of behaviour problems but he’s very smart and
    listens to us sometimes, but not all the time. He’s very friendly for the
    most part to every dog/human but he does have his issues…it’s very
    frustrating, i wish i could get you to help me with him. 

  3. Sarah Anderson
    | Reply

    Buddy never had this problem, but I do work with an 11 year old lab that
    still does this.

    How about a video about a dog that really doesn’t like having it’s paws
    touched? I’m sure a lot of people might have this problem.

  4. Nigel Mrweirdo
    | Reply

    My dog has only problem with distractions. Treats dont work. Staying calm
    and assertive dont work. She just wants to bolt at other dogs, cats or
    birds. Once she got swiped by a cat on the eye and bled 

  5. Luchitina Rodriguez
    | Reply

    When my beagle was 7-8 weeks old she would tug on it a whole lot but then
    at abou three months she discovered the ground and all it’s smells! She
    stopped biting her leash completely!!! 

  6. makingasplash4rescue
    | Reply

    Great video thanks , what Video camera do you use to shoot your videos,
    and do you shoot in HD ? I ask because they are all so clear when I watch
    them on my 32inch Samsung smart TV on the you tube app ? Also what
    computer do you use to edit them ? And what program ? does it take long to
    render each video ?

  7. Joy Victory
    | Reply

    Luna is a smart and sweet girl. 🙂 Neither of my dogs bit on the leash so
    I didn’t have to deal with this. Thank goodness.

  8. Mariam Fathalla
    | Reply

    Can you do another potty traing video

  9. Ar Acech
    | Reply

    Maya chomped on the leash all the time! But I just kept teaching her that
    it wasn’t right to chew it and that once she let go of the leash we could
    get on to running around or playing and whenever she took the leash in her
    mouth I would stop anything fun and try to distract her to let it go, and
    then right back to play.
    It took me a while to find exactly what deterred her most from it and just
    standing there very boring-like quickly fixed that! Haha

  10. Mr.Andaye
    | Reply

    How do I stop my dog from eating random things.

  11. Sierra Rain
    | Reply

    do you have any tips with my dog’s biting she bites when you wake someone
    up,yell,run,play fight,say ow,say wakeup,and stuff like that.and she goes
    for the face and neck

  12. Nuraiis
    | Reply

    IDK really) My dog never had problems like this, he would always listen to
    me, and never ree on the floor… 😀 

  13. Mango mangoson
    | Reply

    Do a video on how to make your dog stop growling/barking when walking by
    other dogs!

  14. milkcow1010
    | Reply

    My problem is that my dog doesnt bite Anything, when i give her toys or
    dolls she just smell and ingore its , i hope she could be abit active…

  15. Train me please
    | Reply

    How about a video about puppy choosing, puppy selection, puppy testing,

  16. Mikayla Baczek
    | Reply

    My dog dos not listen to me and my mom dad and sis what do I do. He is not
    listen wen we tell my dog to stop barking he dos not listen

  17. Francine Roberts
    | Reply

    Zak….great video….best hint I picked up from this is that when my puppy
    gets into “training mode” it’s not a failure. My 5 month old GSD is great
    when he knows we’re gonna do our lessons. It’s a whole different ballgame
    from ordinary life. He gets into mode and is a great student, but I’ve
    always viewed this as a failure because I think he will only behave during
    “lessons”. Your video made me realize this preparatory attitude can be
    used at other times, and that it’s a good thing.

  18. Jude LeMoine
    | Reply

    Another goody! Gonna share this with a leash biter right now …the leash
    biter’s human, that is.

  19. KiwiCrush
    | Reply

    The aching your dog not to get in the trash

  20. Patty GD
    | Reply

    I have a 3 1/2 year old Pitbull Mix. She is a great dog, is obedient (most
    of the time) but one thing that worries my husband and I is that she is
    territorial about our home. When someone new comes in the house, she does
    this low growl, circles around the house, and her head and tail are also
    down. We don’t know how to help her to relax with new people in our home.
    This ONLY happens when someone new comes in the house. When we are at the
    dog park, she loves everyone. Thanks for all your videos! 

  21. Pat Tisch
    | Reply

    How to introduce a new puppy to two very set in there ways 9 year old

  22. superwomae
    | Reply

    Haha yes, Logan had this issue too. I wish I would’ve watched this video
    back then, my problems would’ve been solved soo much faster. Now, he is
    excellent on the leash. I’m actually training him how to walk off leash.
    Would love to see a video on off leash training from you.

  23. Ben Hibl
    | Reply

    How old should your dog be to introduce her to young kids, who are jumpy
    and not used to dogs?

  24. Sarah Cook
    | Reply

    Thank you Zak. George not only has this issue but he sits down or lies down
    mid walk. It’s like he’s just had enough and isn’t going to cooperate. He’s
    a border collie pup only 4mths old. We don’t go too far on our walks as its
    a slow process and I run out of treats.
    Love your videos. Thanks

  25. Kelsey Galarza
    | Reply

    The rescue dog I’m working with is terrible about this, and I’ve been
    trying this, but she’s a bulldog, and doesn’t distract even for the
    tastiest treat. Just laser focused on the leash. I’ve been dropping the
    leash and grabbibg her collar so I’m not reinforcing the lrash pulling and
    distracting with really yummy stuff. No luck other ideas for less trainable
    dogs? No offense but you barely have to look at a border collie to train
    them (which makes them awesome but doesn’t help in a tougher case)..

  26. wo li
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, I do have a question about my dog which is rather unrelated to
    this topic. I’m going on a trip and am taking my dog with me. He is used to
    travel long distances by car but this will be his first time on a plane.
    Since this will be a completely new experience for him I’d like to prepare
    him as much as possible. He has much more room in the car and now he needs
    to be in a cargo crate and all by himself. I hate to put so much stress on
    him but there just is no other way. Can you please help me to make this as
    easy for him as possible? thank you! Liz

  27. joao oliveira neto joao
    | Reply

    this video was very useful was exactly WHAT I needed
    Now I really need help on how to make her become more calm in the car!
    thank you Zak

  28. Sierra Rain
    | Reply

    my dog when she was a puppy on a leash would lay on the sidewalk and not
    walk she hated the leash but now she loves if and always walks her self
    everybody tells me that they have never seen a dog that walks themselves
    and that it was cute

  29. Nerd Princess
    | Reply

    My dog does this now, I will have to work on it later today. I did the
    “leave it” and teaching them not to run out the door and she picked it up
    instantly! I am so proud of her!

    How about teaching a dog not to chase cars?

  30. staroftheocean97
    | Reply

    Another great video thanks Zak 

  31. doglover
    | Reply

    wow your shirt….it’s just …..OUT OF THIS WORLD!

  32. imguitarchick
    | Reply

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