How to stop your birds from flying away from you !

Birds are given the gift to fly, rise high and launch up into the sky then why should we restrict that? Therefore, today we show you exactly how to stop your…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Parrot Whisperer says:

    he did indeed ! :)

  2. Abby White says:

    did you hear Cody after he said good job, Cody said thank you!

  3. Parrot Whisperer says:

    Thanks and we will post newer videos coming very soon !.. like our fb page
    named bird tameness and kindly share our videos/page to help various bird

  4. Parrot Whisperer says:

    checkout “Understanding birds behavior and solving all problems” and
    “Understanding birds’ behaviours”. Each is a different video but each will
    guide you through the techniques on understanding your birds’ behaviour.
    -Your bird our responsibility-

  5. No matter how much I try for my bird to gain my trust, he’s always scared
    of me touching him. He lets me pick him up and everything, but he doesn’t
    let me touch him or pet him. Why?

  6. Didn’t learn anything from this video…sorry…marks for trying though

  7. Dilini Mapagunaratne says:

    My bird is an alexandrine parakeet and i had him since he was 2 weeks old
    and now he s about 8 months now. OH and by the i am a bird lover too i <3
    yr vids so if u can pls make more vids

  8. Parrot Whisperer says:

    Hi, your bird isnt stepping up bcz you havent applied the taming and
    training procedures for it. I strongly recommend that you wing trim it to
    avoid any injuries. After you have wing trimmed it, place it on a STAND
    Begin by gently pressing on the chest until it steps up.When it does
    ,reward it with its favorite food such as parcley/millet. At first it wont
    eat from you and you can place it back on the stand as a reward.

  9. Parrot Whisperer says:

    Continue on a daily basis on the same stand and let it step up 10-20 times
    repeatedly until it gets used to it and it will learn from you the “Step up
    ” technique in no time !. For further information like our facebook page
    named bird tameness which helps you connect with worldwide bird lovers and
    our expert personal trainer . thanks !

  10. My bird won’t even step up and will just fly away how do I get him to stop
    doing that!?? Btw my bird is a male cockatiel

  11. FashionableRareStuff says:

    Nice video :)

  12. Parrot Whisperer says:

    Hey there, We have many videos about how to stop biting problems for any
    type of bird in our channel . check them out and let us know.

  13. Latifa Alk says:

    Can you make a video on stoping a love bird from biting

  14. Parrot Whisperer says:

    Thank u …..stay updated

  15. TheJellyRaven says:

    Great video!

  16. Superman199_lol says:

    That was nice! I love this video :D

  17. Latifa Alk says:

    Thaank you :)

  18. shamsudin hussein says:

    Lol kasper u have an amazing bird he nibbles not bight like mine train him
    with step up alot clip his wing once it will grow back within a number of a
    month he will trust u only in like a few weeks he wont have any where to go
    he will step up then he will know you are saftey

  19. Kasper De Roover says:

    Hello, i bought a young kakariki which is handreared and about 10 weeks old
    now. Ive been feeding it by hand too. Its not aggressive but it just doesnt
    seem to like me.. He does step up but he never stays on my finger for long
    and when i put him on a branch he just flies of. Also when i try scratching
    his head he acts like hes gonna bite but all he does is nibble. Any tips to
    bond with him?

  20. Mujtaba Aamer says:

    I have a serious problem its that my parrots don’t come to my finger so I
    let them relax. 1 Week later I try it again and it doesn’t work their
    scared of me for some reason well the main reason is they don’t come to my
    finger so I was hoping you would help me.

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