How to stop Jumping up!- clicker dog training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

This video goes over some simple exercises on how to teach your dog to stop jumping on you! Remember! Dogs jump for a reason! It is either to get your attention, they are over aroused or stressed, or to acquiesce to you (when the dog tries to get to your mouth to lick it) Tips: 1-Teach your dog what you want them to do instead of jumping up FIRST 2- Don’t reinforce jumping up with attention 3- Proof by creating situations your dog will want to jump up in, so that the dog generalizes the behavior. 4- Prevent jumping when you are not in the mood to train your dog, by having your dog on leash or in his pen Dog training clicker training dogmantics dog training kikopup emily larlham private lesson with Murphy and Bogart. Goldendoodle puppy golden mix rescue polite greeting door calm greetings get your dog to greet you calmly when you get home from work using clicker training using a clicker to train a dog not to jump using positive reinforcement to train your dog not to jump teach your dog what you want them to do!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. EmchuNP
    | Reply

    @GonzaloLlopis Looks like a goldendoodle to me. That’d be my guess.

  2. Darksong17
    | Reply

    @GonzaloLlopis It isn’t a breed, it’s a mutt. 🙂 A Golden Retriever/Poodle mix.

  3. kawaiikitty9
    | Reply

    you looked silly when you jumped up and down and said heeehee

  4. lecheparavaka
    | Reply

    you are amazing! i have this behavior in my pupy, its almost 4 months old amstaff, what im trying with it is not to bite me!!! but its too hard to even touch her without her biting, softly, but biting!

  5. BookOfManual
    | Reply

    a cute fat puppy^.^

  6. 75801Tammy
    | Reply

    I love people who train like you. You are truly a Blessing to the canines and to anyone who watches your videos. God Bless you for sharing and helping to improve the treatment of animals. Love how you squeeled like an excited child and the fearful dog petter demo is also very helpful in teaching dogs not to react the wrong way to human emotions. Children often evoke excitement and bad behaviors in their dogs then parents wrongfully/harshly punish the dog for responding in a normal dog way.

  7. nataliawasilewska97
    | Reply

    @BookOfManual fat ?xD hehe his fluffy, I soo love golden retrievers ;]

  8. Sabine1975
    | Reply

    I’m a fan of your videos and work and would like to ask what kind of treats you are feeding. I use self-made dry meat (turkey). I’ve been a bit worried about my puppy’s weight doing all those exercises with him.

  9. reliyoquik
    | Reply

    She is so sexy and Latino women

  10. swordpetals
    | Reply

    would it be too late to train my 4 year dog?

  11. Samer07101986
    | Reply

    im not sure y i LIKE my dog to jump me !!!

  12. piruthviuom
    | Reply

    @kikopup hey ive got a problem with potty training
    well my puppy does do poo in the toilet but she does wee anywhere in the house
    it seems as if she is doing it on purpose what can i do?
    other problem is ive started training her of lead but when ever she see’s people she barks at them it is the same with lead aswell im scared one day theyll run and the dog runs after them cause
    she is an olde thyme bulldog and incase she bites which i highly doubt but if she does it will hurt.
    so tips plz?

  13. Clxves
    | Reply

    aww. Retriever ~

  14. RoseGreyThoroughbred
    | Reply

    @swordpetals Absolutely not! I just discorvered clicker training and have been working at it with my dog. She just turned 8!

  15. swordpetals
    | Reply

    @RoseGreyThoroughbred REALLY, my dog is pretty stubborn but he’s also willing to please. How long have you been working on the clicker training? What kind of dog do you have? Does it matter what kind of breed he is? and sorry for the many questions but i really want to know. ^_^

  16. migueloico
    | Reply

    I got a better way, if your dogs jumps on you, grab his paws, gime him a heck of a stomp on his back paws, make him cry, and then let him go…thats bitch will learn his lesson for sure….100% guaranteed…

  17. ragnarox16
    | Reply

    My dog has the issue of jumping on me and nibbling at my feet ‘a lot’ he’s a golden retriever so he’s not little… He’s very rough with his play and does not stop long enough for me to reward his decreased jump and biting behavior. Thence, making this difficult. I other thing about my down is that I’ve been training him while he is tied to his lease. I noticed you do not do this. Is this good or bad? It seems he runs away and loses interest in training and seeks other things when he’s not tied.

  18. RoseGreyThoroughbred
    | Reply

    @swordpetals We have officially been working on ‘clicker training’ for around 3 months. I decided to try it after my teacher assigned “Don’t Shoot the Dog” by Karen Pryor. I love it! I am now an avid Kikopup fan and recomend her videos to everyone. My dog is a mix- she’s got German Shepherd, Lab, and Greyhound in her and just turned 8, but that doesn’t matter as far as training is concerned. This method can be used for any dog, even exotics in zoos, like lions! Feel free to ask anything! 😀

  19. swordpetals
    | Reply

    @RoseGreyThoroughbred THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! your too nice! 😀

  20. PriincessHiibaa
    | Reply

    i love you thanks!

  21. lorilinstruth
    | Reply

    Karen Pryor just tweeted this video…and for good reason! Always happy to see Kikopup getting some link love… 🙂

  22. MuttVids
    | Reply

    Great video Emily..I love that you use multiple dogs in your vids! <33 Keep up the great stuff, I share your vids constantly.

  23. vinayvmware
    | Reply

    amazing vids!!! thank u very much

  24. LiveYourLoveBlog
    | Reply

    I love these video and I am using a lot of them to train my 7 months old Amstaff gal. I do have a question that is really important to me since I can not find anyone in the area to help.

    Where can I find videos where I can teach how to train her for conformation dog shows. Thanks…

  25. SophiaRoseThePuppy
    | Reply

    We had just recently adopted an aussie mix, who didn’t just have a little jumping up problem, she would tackle you. This video was a HUGE help! thank you so much for giving us (in my opinion) the best clicker advice on the web!

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